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Author Display Name: sowmya

Joined on : 8/2/2021

Published Articles

ID 1153093What Are APIs and How to Protect API Vulnerabilities?
ID 1152647The Importance of Practicing Incident Response
ID 1152511How to Protect Your Business
ID 1150582What is Invisimole?
ID 1150581Is Video Conferencing Secure?
ID 1150580What is Red Team Assessment
ID 1150576How to Conduct SOC 2 Assessment?
ID 1150575What is Typosquatting?
ID 1150220What is VAPT?
ID 11502139 Things to consider while choosing a SIEM Solution
ID 1147986How Cyber Attacks Compromise Your Network
ID 1147803What is cross-site Scripting (XSS)?
ID 1147802How to prevent XSS assaults
ID 1147801What is Local File Inclusion?
ID 1147800What are the Types of Email Attacks and the Damage They Can Cause?
ID 1147799What is Biometrics Security?
ID 1146779What is Cryptojacking?
ID 1146778Why Cryptocurrency is new favourite tool for Cybercrimes?
ID 1146775How to Protect Yourself against Hackers
ID 1140494Why Security Testing Must be Performed
ID 1139228What Is Cyber Security Consulting

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