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About Us

Article Catalog is a free article directory. Our main aim here at Article Catalog is to help authors promote and syndicate their content, content in this sense of course meaning articles. We allow authors and promoters to get their articles out on the web with the potential of being read by millions.

Our authors include amateur writers who are looking for a means of getting their work read by millions, to Internet marketing professionals who use our website as a means of promoting their own websites. This is completed through the articles in which they submit directly to us. These articles are able to inform readers of a particular product, service, promotion, etc whilst also making the reader aware of their own site through the use of back links. This process is known as article marketing.

Article marketing is a fast and effective way in which to promote your site and best of all, with Article Catalog it is completely free! All you need to do it simply write a unique and good quality article which clearly demonstrates your knowledge and experience in your particular niche market. If our readers are impressed by your content, they will wish to visit your website, learn more about what you do and can visit your website directly from Article Catalog. This is thanks to both your personal author bio which is present underneath your article which can include a back link to your site, and back links which can be added within the article body itself.

Webmasters all around the World can use Article Catalog every day as a means of finding free content which can be added onto their own website or blog. This is content is free to republish providing that all original links remain within the article and that all credit remains with the original article author. If this is the case, articles can be placed on a variety of websites which will help in further increasing your web traffic as readers outside of Article Catalog become aware of your site.