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Things To Keep In Mind Before Travelling To Madagascar

With multiple water bodies and wildlife, Madagascar is the second largest island country in the world, after Indonesia. This place is best known for its rich biodiversity in the form of colourful chameleons, lemurs, towering baobab trees, and stunning orchids.

Malagasy people in the country do not consider themselves African but because of their long association with French people, they are pretty similar to other West African countries. One can have a trip to this place and enjoy the stunning scenery of this place. Although, it would be best if you keep some important things in mind before travelling to Madagascar.

Health Checkup and Vaccination

It is always important to take care of your health before and after a trip; the corporate travel providers in Madagascar recommend the same. So, make sure to visit the doctor and check your medical status. You need to get some vaccinations that may become effective in weeks. Here is a list of some vaccinations you can mark:

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Tetanus (DTP)
Tuberculosis (BCG)

Yellow Fever Vaccine is not compulsory for Madagascar but if you are going to travel to mainland Africa, you need to get it. In case you visit mainland Africa first within the past six months, you have to show administration proof upon entering Madagascar.

You need to take some preventive measures concerning malaria before travelling to Madagascar, especially if you are planning a trip between September and May because these are warm rainy seasons there. If you take your tour package from one of the top corporate travel management companies in Madagascar, they will keep you updated on such things.

Some malaria prophylaxis medications include Malarone (Generic: Atovaquone/ Proguanil), Doxycycline, and Lariam (Generic: Mefloquine). Along with the medicines, we advise you to wear long pants and sleeves as they are easy methods of limiting mosquito bites and preventing flea bites. There are cases of bubonic plague in Madagascar; it is rare and seasonal but can transmit through flea bites.

Prepare Your First Aid Kit

Before travel ticket booking in Madagascar, prepare a first-aid kit that should have the basic medicines required in mainland Africa or an island country in the Indian Ocean. Carry antibiotics, such as Ciprofloxacin that can be useful in case you get a bacterial infection. If your burps smell like rotten eggs and sulphur, you are most likely to contract Giardia parasites; widely known as traveller’s diarrhoea. Useful over-the-counter medicines that you must carry for the prevention of such diseases include:

Antibacterial ointment
Allergy medication (if any)
Anti-diarrheal drugs
Pain relievers/ anti-inflammatory drugs
Rehydration tablets

Always carry some extra bottles of hand sanitiser as you may not find soap everywhere, especially at the bathroom stop on the roadside. Keeping some toilet rolls can also help you keep yourself clean. Since our bodies are not used to the microbes and bacteria in Madagascar, it is easier for us to get sick if we do not remain mindful during the trip. If you want to chill on the beach, pack some sunscreen. Women should keep their own menstrual pads and tampons as the supply is expensive and limited in Madagascar.

Stay Flexible, Travel Better

This is one of the best pieces of advice one can give you while travelling to Madagascar or any other country in the world. Always remember to be flexible, patient, and respectful to the locals you encounter during the trip. The corporate travel providers in Madagascar suggest the same. Be nice to the tourist guides, drivers, and other travellers. Usually, Malagasy people do not like rushing, and it's always good to have patience in a country with limited resources.

Language in Madagascar

Madagascar was colonised by France for an extended period of time, and the french influence can be seen here even now. It would be best if you brush up on your French before visiting Madagascar as it is one of the official languages. You will notice several public signs and restaurants in this language. If nothing, learn the numbers in french because most prices will be told to you in the same language.

Have you ever tried speaking simple phrases and salutations in the local language? Believe it or not, it works like a magic on locals. I am not asking you to be an expert in Malagasy but you can try saying simple words like “Salama” (hello) and “Veloma” (goodbye!) while greeting people. Malagasy people are not very open and friendly with people who come from France. So, you need not be fluent in French either. If you are interested in learning languages, you can purchase a Malagasy/ English handbook.

Things To Pack For Madagascar Trip

The biggest question while travelling to any place is what to pack and how to pack, especially if you are travelling with a group of people. If you think it is necessary, bring some pairs of warm clothes, including hats, gloves, thermals, and fleece. These things are primarily required if you are travelling during the winter months (May to September). However, there are frequent climate changes in Madagascar throughout the day. Make sure you pack a variety of clothes, including shorts, shirts, and durable sandals.

If you are an adventurous person, you might be searching for what to wear. In case you are going on a hike, we recommend you pack sturdy hiking boots, field pants, a baseball cap, wool socks, and a rain jacket. Tuck in your pants and shirt to minimise leech bites while hiking in rainforests. Leeches never cause any harm but they will stick to your body and may make you feel uncomfortable. Carrying a substantial daypack with a supportive chest strap and belt can also help you keep necessary items handy. And, one last piece of advice, don’t forget your bathing suit!

Satguru Travel is the largest travel management company in Madagascar. They have certified professionals who make your travel memorable and hassle-free to enjoy your valuable time. To book a package, contact us.


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