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Ultimate Backpacking Checklist to Enjoy Hiking in Murree

Are you planning to go hiking in Murree? If yes, then you must have to go there well-prepared. I'm talking about everything you should have to enjoy a wonderful trekking experience in Pakistan. Whether it's your first time or a Pro hiker, you need a complete backpacking list. I will provide details of all the items you need for hassle-free hiking. My piece of advice is to book hotels near Mukeshpuri top. You shouldn't book accommodation on Mall road because this area is far from the top. Since your ultimate destination is to this top, you better find some top-rated hotels nearby.
Things you Need for a Fun-filled Hiking experience in Pakistan
Here are some things you need to have for an enjoyable trekking experience in Murree or any other area of Pakistan.

Backpacking Gear

You need to choose your backpack carefully. Depending on your trekking time, you may need to pack more things. If hiking time is less than three hours, a few snacks will be good enough. However, you can't pack light if you need to do that for more than eight hours. You will be feeling famished very soon during the hike. So, choose a high-quality gear backpack. Other things to add to your backpacking gear are a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, headlight, flashlight, and backpacking tents. If you plan to summit a mountain, you need to pack some other items, such as pillows, trekking poles, packable lanterns, and a tent footprint.

Kitchen Items

Are you going to stay there? You might have a camping plan with your friends. What could be more fun than going to the peak and cooking some food? If that's your part of the plan, you need to pack some kitchen items such as a stove, fuel, mug, soap, dishes, eating utensils, a hanging bag, a water container collapsible, and a cookset.

Food and Water

You don't need to pack kitchen items for a general trail, but you would require some energy snacks and drinks. During a long hike, you need to manage your water intake. It is recommended to drink at least half a liter of water for an hour hike. This level of hydration is essential to keep the thing going smoothly. You must pack the following items in your backpack for hiking in Pakistan: water bottles, energy drinks, snacks, meals, and other food supplies.

Clothing and Shoes

The first thing you need to do is to check the forecast so you get a clear idea of temperature and weather. It would help if you packed your cloth as per the prediction. Make sure that you pick clothes that protect against the sun's ultraviolet rays. If you are trekking in rocky and rugged areas, select those shoes that offer extra support and protection. You can choose a runner or canvas shoes for general trails and hiking. Here are some items you need to add to your backpack: a full-sleeved shirt, light pants, trousers, moisture-wicking underwear, socks, shoes as per terrain, a light jacket, extra clothes, etc.

Navigation Item

In case you are going to rely solely on GPS, you need to rethink. You are going on an adventure and should keep all the essential tools with you. Get a map, pack it in a waterproof sleeve, and then get a compass (and learn how to use it). Also, keep a route guidebook handy.

Emergency and First-Aid Kit

People who plan one-day hiking from their basecamp always forget to keep a first-aid box with them; it's a big mistake. Anything is possible up there, so you better be well-prepared. If you don't have a kit, many hotels in Murree can bring you one. Keep all first-aid supplies in the kit alongside the fire starter, whistle, and lighter inside a waterproof container. Always keep insect repellant and blister treatment supplies in the equipment.

Personal Hygiene items

Next, you must prepare a small bag that includes all your hygiene items, such as a toothbrush, hand sanitizer, menstrual products, prescription medications, toilet paper, towels, and prescription glasses.

Sun Protection Items

Since you will get exposed to the sun, you need some items that offer ultimate sun protection, such as SPF 30 plus sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, and hats.

Other Items

Since you won't be able to walk all the time, you need to keep some other items that help you have some quality time during your hiking. An HD camera is a must because you will sit and take pictures of the best views when you are not moving forward. Keep a pen and a journal to write about your experience and important things during your hiking. Keep card or board games with you, so you and your friends can have fun. Also, pack two-way radios and compact binoculars with you.

Important Documents

You need to keep your ID cards and their copies alongside car keys, cell phones, and permits. Cash is essential because there won't be any place where you can employ a credit or debit card.


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