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What is Dysthymia? Treatment, Causes & Cure!

Also called mild depression, Dysthymia has similar symptoms to depression but is not as severe as major depression. The patient might experience these symptoms for longer periods. Dysthymia is a chronic condition that doesn’t go on its own. You need to see a certified psychiatrist to develop an effective treatment plan. The treatment for Dysthymia is similar to the depression treatment in Mumbai. Here’s all you need to know about Dysthymia, its causes, and treatment.
Causes and Symptoms of Dysthymia
Although experts have not yet discovered the exact cause of Dysthymia, the condition is often linked to problems in nerves that are responsible for regulating your mood. Certain medications and work or relationship stress also put you at a higher risk of developing this persistent depressive disorder.
People experience mild depression symptoms. A few common symptoms of Dysthymia include:
1. Feeling sad, hopeless, helpless, and depressed most of the time
2. Restlessness or sleeping a lot
3. Loss of interest in exciting activities
4. Fatigue
5. Difficulty concentrating or analyzing situations
6. Recurring suicidal thoughts
You need to visit a psychiatrist to diagnose Dysthymia. People with Dysthymia experience the above symptoms for years. Your psychiatrist will conduct psychological assessment tests and other behavioral tests to detect the persistent depressive disorder. They will evaluate your family history of depression or your medical history. The doctor will also order lab tests to know if it’s hypothyroidism.
Treatment for Dysthymia
Dysthymia is a serious chronic mental disorder. But, like other mental health conditions, it is treatable. Early diagnosis and treatment will reduce your risk of developing major depression. The treatment usually includes a combination of therapies and anti-depressants. You may also need regular counseling for a speedy recovery.
Psychotherapy is the most popular treatment plan for Dysthymia. People with Dysthymia are referred to a psychiatrist who performs different talk therapies to understand the patient’s thought patterns. These therapies are developed to provide you with a safer and better environment for dealing with your day-to-day challenges and mood disorder. Your therapist regularly asks you questions about your mood, thoughts, and goals. Depending on your symptoms, the doctor might recommend one-on-one therapy or group therapy.
Therapies are given in conjunction with anti-depressant medicines. Your doctor will prescribe anti-depressants based on your physical and mental health. Patients are advised to take these pills every day for 6-9 months to see changes in their behavior and mood. In addition to therapies and medication, you should follow a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Certain lifestyle changes, such as meditation, physical activities, being grateful, and indulging in hobbies, can make a big difference to your mental health.
Dysthymia has fewer symptoms of depression, but it can ultimately lead to major depression. The condition is called double depression. Early diagnosis and Dysthymia treatment in Mumbai can help prevent the complications. While anti-depressants can help, they can cause mild side effects. The patient starting anti-depressants must be watched closely. You must report your symptoms to the psychologists to see if you need to change the dosage for better results.


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