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7 Things To Keep In Mind Before Investing In Real Estate.

Here are some tips for entrepreneurs on how to get started and succeed in real estate investing:

1. Plan your financial goals.
Before buying the first property, or doing your first analysis, you must determine what you expect from your investments. What are your financial goals? Take the time to understand your goals and make sure each investment is a step towards achieving them. If you're not sure exactly how to create financial goals, meeting with a financial advisor is a great first step.

2. Don't spend a fortune on books and seminars.
You have to learn some basic concepts before venturing into investing, but don't let the accumulation of information become the center of your actions. If you have goals in mind this will make the process much easier. It's easy to get stuck in the "research" phase and never take action. Instead, write down the specific questions you want to be answered or goals you want to accomplish before diving into the next book or seminar.

3. Look at a lot of properties.
Don't invest in the first property you find. Too many investors buy properties because they "look good." Remember that you are not going to live there, so you should not make an investment decision based on your personal preferences. Make sure you do an exhaustive search for options. Start with several properties, And then it goes around reducing the number based on the established objectives.

4. Don't delay investing by waiting for the "perfect" offer.
A lot of start-up investors suffer from the syndrome of “the best offer may be right around the corner.” This can backfire and can make you miss out on good opportunities just by maintaining the idea that there is still a better option out there. Better is to find an agreement that meets most of your criteria to wait for another that may never come.

5. Do a deep financial analysis.
Keep it real. Look at different alternatives to determine what to do, it is not advisable to buy a property at a higher price or in less attractive conditions than your analysis says makes sense. Beware of sellers who try to overestimate the value of the property through pro forma (estimate) data. You can use a Pro-forma to start the conversation, but make sure you know the real numbers before closing.

6. Don't try to buy a property that the seller is not motivated to sell.
How do you know if the seller is motivated? Look at the sale price. For example, if the property has been on the market for a year for $ 200,000, with little or no price reduction, the seller is clearly not very motivated to sell the property. However, if that same property has been on the market for a year and its price has dropped significantly, the seller will probably want to do whatever it takes to get the property out of hand.

7. Recognize the difference between real estate investing and the real estate business.
If you are an entrepreneur or already have your own business or are dependent, look to investing in properties as a way to support your main work but do not get caught up in the various transactions so that you neglect your main business. If that happens, you will face a bumpy road to get back to stability. Unless your business is real estate itself or you are looking to go into business full time, always remember that pursuing these deals is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

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