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Why Is Jade Popular Natural Stone For Making Artistic Jewelry?

Jade is a natural stone with a spiritual connection used in creating artistic jewellery pieces from its precise cut gemstones. It is not only durable but gives a calming, peaceful effect. The ornamental mineral is available in green, translucent shade and is used since pre-historic times for stone carving and making jewellery.

Jade is a popular mineral used in the processing and creating beautiful, beaded jewellery like necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, bangles etc. The natural and raw Jadeite rough is available in many colours which are further polished, cut in the precise shape and used in making gorgeous natural stone jewellery.

 Different Types of Jade Mineral for Making Beads and Crystals

Jade is not only used in making jewellery but holds significance in making crystal pieces used for praying and building spiritual connections. The two forms of jade which are used commonly include the nephrite and jadeite which are used in making stunning natural artefacts.

The nephrite rough is a microcrystalline mineral which is an interlocked matrix of calcium along with magnesium and Ferro actinolite interlocking. The nephrite which is higher in the content of iron is green in colour and translucent. Jadeite is a precious mineral that is an interlocking of sodium and aluminium pyroxene.

 Raw Jade Available in Different Forms Sourced from Mountains

The raw jades are available in different forms and colours and authentically sourced from the mountains. The natural Kunlun nephrite raw is available in different shades like grey, cream, light brown, green etc. The Jadeite rough raw and natural is perfect for making prayer crystals.

• The natural jadeite and nephrite are cut, polished, and used in the making of gorgeous stone and beaded bracelets and necklaces. Jade is used in designing antique and vintage-inspired jewellery.
• Jade raw sourced from mountains is used in designing not only jewellery but decors like figurines, decors, and stone carved pieces.
• Jade jewellery is affordable and reasonably priced and can be used for regular use. The raw jade when polished is strong and is known to balance energy.
• The raw jade is used for creating customized collectables and unique home decors. It adds an aesthetic value to the space with jade decors.

Jade is a popular choice for making jewellery for its beautiful, natural colours and brighter hues. Jadeite is stronger and more durable as compared to the Nephrite and hence it is a little more expensive. The translucent green jade is the most expensive with its smooth texture.

 Identifying Authentic Jade from the Fake Ones

There is a lot of jewellery that are sold claiming to be authentic jade but are fake. While purchasing jewellery made from jadeite or nephrite rough, it is important to understand the authenticity and to be able to identify
the same.

One of the ways to identify jade is by testing its translucency. The authentic jade is translucent and shiny. Hold the jade under the source of light and if it shows vein-like fibres or bubbles, it is fake. The real jade is smooth and does not have any spots or bubbles.


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