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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Real Estate

Real estate investment is one of the most common strategies used to build wealth to achieve economic independence. It can help build an income that is not related to employment by building a portfolio that provides sufficient rental income. It is all you have to do to achieve a certain degree of economic independence and finish the rat race forever.

Realistically, investment in real estate properties is one of the most difficult things but it is also easy to do. It is a bit more challenging to do it, especially when we're talking about investing in real estate properties in NY. However, if you want to start building wealth (and income) to work for financial independence, real estate can be just the ticket for you.

This guide helps determine if it is correct for you, and it will help you learn how to start in a wonderful world of real estate properties in NY.

Why buy real estate properties?
There are many reasons why people invest in real estate as part of their trip to their economic independence. On the one hand, real estate is a tangible asset. If the stock market plunges tomorrow, there is still a person who owns his own property. As you get older: buy the land that does more than that.

These words could not be more realistic in the current era. With exponential rise in population growth and rising demand and the low awareness of the sea level rise, the remaining real estate is worth a lot. But in reality, the reason for investing in real estate is not related to Waterworld and Doomsday prepping.

People invest in real estate and have more income than traditional market investments, so that they help them achieve economic independence for important reasons.The cash flow tends to be stable and large losses are usually not so common in real estate investments.

Tax benefits
One more reason that many savvy investors run to invest in real estate properties is because of the favorable tax treatment. More than many other wealth-building strategies, real estate investments can get you to FI/RE faster by staving off the taxman. Investment in rental property makes you a business owner, and gives you the right to give you many deductions that aren't available for most people.

Real Estate ROI
When buying a residential rental property, 15% returns generally have a good base expectation. This is higher than what investors can expect to obtain via traditional investments of the stock market (averaged over the long-run) and more than double current bond yields.

Potential disadvantages
In the Real Estate Portfolio there is a possibility of disadvantage to one of the carrying costs. If you get the mortgage to buy your rental, your bank moves your tenant, expect your mortgage payment every month. Even if it is built at work, you still have to pay taxes. This is incredibly important to continue providing cash flow as it continues to rent its properties.

It is also important when choosing a property to understand if it is part of the Housing Ownership Association (HOA). If so, you will have to take care of additional costs in the form of a fee, evaluation or maintenance costs.

If you are trying to build wealth to achieve economic independence, investment in real estate properties is a surprising way to go. Though there are certain potential disadvantages, it's merits certainly outweigh them. If you're looking to buy real estate properties in NY but don't know where to begin from, we'd recommend you to opt for Cornerstone Realty who are known for their expertise in the world of real estate for years. You can visit their website to know more about them.

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