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Does Fake Grass Look Good?

This is one of the frequent questions we have been asked when homeowners look for an alternative for natural lawns. In fact, it is one of the major concerns when it comes to synthetic grass installation Sydney. See, gone are the days when artificial turf was easily identified. Artificial turf has come a long way, and modern techniques and advanced technologies allows designing artificial turf that mimic the natural grass, making it indistinguishable.

A lot of factors go into making artificial grass look real. By knowing the facts, you could make an informed decision and choose the right artificial turf that suits your needs and budget.

Materials and Technology

Durable materials and technological advancements are some of the significant reasons why modern artificial turf looks real like natural grass. The latest advancement in techniques allows for different blade construction. While traditional synthetic grass would fade over time, modern turf is constructed from

This is one of the significant reasons why artificial turf looks like a natural one. The advancements in technology allow for different blade construction. While older synthetic grass would fade over time, modern turf is made from polyurethane with U.V coating to prevent fading in the intense Australian summer heat. Besides, new techniques allow utilising polymers and compounds to combat the reflective nature of poly grass blades. It is the poly blades that enable variation needed to create realistic artificial grass. The different shades create a turf that looks exactly like the natural one. It is the materials and technologies used influences the synthetic grass cost. In fact, the synthetic grass installation cost Sydney varies according to the technology used in manufacturing the turf.


Of course, artificial grass requires minimal maintenance. But, it doesn’t mean they don’t require care at all. You still have to maintain it. In fact, proper care is one of the ways to ensure your fake grass looks good for years. Depending on how much foot traffic the turf receives, you have to groom it occasionally. Cleaning your lawn regularly increases its lifespan and also helps to keep it looking fresh throughout the year.


If you take a closer look at your natural lawn, you will see a brown layer near the roots, called thatch. It consists of dead and living shoots and stems. Every lawn will have this layer, and it acts as a cushion to reduce the impact of running or playing sport on the lawn. Thatch also comes in a range of colours to choose from and the synthetic grass installers Sydney will be able to advise on what type of density is right for your property.

As you see, these factors make synthetic grass look real and natural. It’s a good idea to visit the artificial grass installer nearby you and check for yourself so that you can choose the best that suits your needs.

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