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Why Lebanese Cuisine?

Who does not want to try various kinds of food? Aside from food as a basic necessity, many of us are eager to try, to explore and discover new cuisines and dishes to satisfy our cravings. Every culture, every country has different cuisines. Through globalisation, the unique dishes, cuisines and authentic foods of every country have been made available to other places around the world.

Australia is a perfect example of countries that feature different kinds of cuisines. As a melting pot of culture, Australia is a home to various dishes from other countries such as those in the Mediterranean area. If you will roam around the places of Sydney, you will definitely see numerous Mediterranean restaurants Sydney dining establishments that specialise in Lebanese cuisine.

Open to locales and even tourists who are craving for some Mediterranean dishes, these establishments will not fail to awaken your taste buds. The best Lebanese restaurant Parramatta area is known for its mouthwatering and delectable Arabic meals. On top of that, it is also popular for its authentic Lebanese salads and deserts.

Here are some of the sumptuous Lebanese foods that you should not miss when you are in the mood to visit and dine in one of the good restaurants parramatta area.

• Kibbeh

The National dish of Lebanon. A tempting delicious food made of fried sauteed pine nuts and spicy minced meat such as lamb, fresh beef or chicken. This is served to customers in the form of a dumpling.

• Kafta

Mostly served like a kebab, Kafta’s main ingredients are minced meat of lamb, beef or chicken. It is grilled to perfection and flavoured with spices and fresh parsley.

• Kanafeh

Are you a sweet tooth? Then, why not try their best sweetened food. Kanafeh is one of the best traditional food desserts that Lebanese people take pride in. It combines dough, sugar, and cheese and is best served as a breakfast or dessert that you can eat at any time of the day.

• Hummus

It is a popular Middle Eastern dip that is usually paired with pita bread. In addition to pita bread. Hummus is also commonly served as an appetiser with some lightly salted crackers. Hummus is healthy as it is made of blended chickpeas , olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

• Rice Pilaf

If you are a rice lover and you are curious about the other way that rice is served in Lebanese restaurants, then best to try their Rice Pilaf. It is a fluffy and flavorful rice that is cooked in broth making it tastier than the common or plain rice.

• Fattoush

For vegans or vegetarians, the popular Sydney Lebanese restaurants always serve fattoush. It is a combination of various green leafy vegetables tossed with other healthy ingredients like tomatoes, cucumber and radish. It is served with lemony garlic dressing.

• Manakish

Are you a pizza lover? Then you can try Manakish. It is a Lebanese pizza commonly topped with Za'atar and cheese.

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