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How SEO Has Changed Over The Years

SEO has undergone a lot of changes since its conception. This is mainly due to Google zeroing in on spam methods, the advent and rise of mobile technology, changes in search engines, etc. What is the current situation of SEO and how has it changed over the years?

Looking Back and Looking at the Now

On-page SEO
In the past, when you do on-page optimization, you would need to map two to 5 keywords for every URL then optimize the elements of the page such as the title, meta description, headings, body, etc., for the keywords. Now, due to machine learning and algorithmic changes, a single page could rank for a lot of keywords that are related to the site. You do not just rank for the keywords that you optimize for. For the most part, this is really better, in terms of user experience since the content caters to the needs of what users search for instead of being simply the best match for a given keyword.

If you want to do SEO nowadays, you must not only have a good foundation of how to make content but you must also have a good understanding of how to promote content. In the past, SEO was all about optimizing existing landing pages based on the volume of search and relevance. Today, SEO is a combination of optimizing content and generating, optimizing as well as solidifying new content that meet the needs of end users. This requires brand enforcement, capturing social signals and links so that you will rank higher in search engine results. An example of a website that applies on-page SEO is Digital Course Compare which is about digital courses in Singapore.

Before, in the early days of SEO, optimization was all about optimizing for desktops because it was the main device used for web-surfing. Today, mobile devices have outranked desktops as the device for accessing online content. The desktop has not totally disappeared though but the use of mobile devices to access the Internet has surged over the past years and is projected to keep growing in the near future. Mobile is said to comprise 65 percent of digital media time. SEO needs to focus on optimizing for mobile usage. This means quicker load time in mobile and more user-friendly apps.

Link-building or the process of gaining more backlinks to rank higher in search engines has also changed drastically over the past few years. During SEO’s infancy, link-building was all about quantity. Links that had keyword-rich anchor text helped websites gain higher rankings in search engines. This resulted to link farms or content with a lot of backlinks to the website from websites that had questionable reputation.

Nowadays, it is no longer about quantity but quality. Links from sites with high authority and good reputation that were relevant to your website had more bearing and weight. Links from spammy websites were ignored at best and incurred a ranking penalty at worst. In addition, search engines preferred a more “natural” profile of links.


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