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How To Make Money Online In 2021

In today's time, who does not want to earn from sitting at home, today everyone searches the same keyword on the internet, how can they earn money with the help of the internet. The year 2020 was probably because you got to know the internet completely and then move forward, the lockdown in the year 2020 was like a lifetime for the world of the internet where everyone is getting connected with the internet or is trying to join?
In today's time, the Internet has become bigger than the earth, if facts are considered, then in today's time, around 40,000 people use Google while 1.8 billion people are active on social media all the time. You must have understood with these sentences that today's era is moving ahead at a fast pace and what matters for smartphone and internet people in today's time.
The internet was a much better source of entertainment for the people till yesterday and even today, but in today's time, Internet has become a better source of earning along with entertainment and people are getting involved with this initiative day by day, If we trust some rumors then people believe that digital marketing will completely dominate the market in the coming years and by 2030 this market is going to be very ahead.
It is very easy to earn with the help of the internet, but the question is that how many digital ways do you know or how many paths that go through digital and you get the opportunity to earn because there are many ways under digital marketing. There are different ways which can help you earn. You will often see videos on Youtube that people are earning money by blogging on the internet, in such situation many of you would think that you can earn money just by writing and we can do all this work but it is not that you Wrote something and you pay someone for it. There is a way to this and if you want to earn money by blogging, then you can earn money using this way.
Today everyone wants to follow their passion and if they are seen somewhere, it is all because if you start paying money, then there can be no better thing than that and in today's time, many people have the passion to say this. When you want to write, then you should write in someplace where you can earn money by writing. It is said that if your passion gives you money and respect, then only your passion is right.


In today's time, there are many such facilities available on the Internet and by using these features you can earn money from the Internet, have created a platform for blogging through Google and know this platform as BlogSpot and in about the year 1999 This platform was brought between the people. With this, it is very easy to use BlogSpot, for this you do not need any kind of different technology, but tell you that you started writing on BlogSpot, it does not mean that tomorrow your money will come or you Will start earning It takes time and the best thing about BlogSpot is that you do not have to spend money in any way unless you know BlogSpot in the right way.
As we have already told you above that today the Internet is bigger than our planet Earth, maybe there is someone who can tell how much the Internet is spread and when the Internet is so wide, there are many things available on it. There will be and also as if you do not want to use BlogSpot, then you can use Medium. If the facts are considered, then in today's time, about 170 million readers come to the medium every day to know, read and learn something better.
In such a situation, if you are a writer and you want to earn from your article, then Medium can play an important role for your article and also play an important role in increasing your identity as a writer.
After this, we will tell you about the third option for Blogging available on the Internet, everyone has heard about this option but in a country like India, such an option is rarely used by people, Tumblr was the first in the year 2007. The bar was launched on the Internet and since then has emerged as a much better option for Blogging. Today, even after 14 years, Tumblr has consistently become the choice of people.
However, let us tell you one thing that you can use Tumblr for small blogs or platforms like Social Media, on this you can post photos and videos in addition to Blogs, and in this way, you can keep your followers busy with your content. Is kept If we talk about its popularity, then in 2013, it was very popular and today Tumblr is very popular among the youth.
It does not end here because the internet is very big and with every growing day something new comes on the internet, you need to know about everything so that you stay ahead of others.


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