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What Are The Best Setting Diamond Earrings?

Are thinking about what will be the best setting for diamond earrings you choose? Have a glance at this article, and all your queries regarding the setting of diamond earrings will stand resolved.

What Do You Understandby The Setting Of Diamond Earrings?

Do you think your job is over once you have finalized the cut, shape, color, and design of the diamond earrings? Well, the game is not yet finished because deciding on the setting of the diamond earrings is equally important. The setting of the diamond earring gets reflected in the elegance it exudes and the dazzle its throws. So when you shop for the best diamond earrings, make sure you have an eye on the setting of the diamond earrings too.

Let’s go through the different diamond earring settings which will suffice your purpose:

• 4-Prong: This kind of setting is the most popular and classic setting in diamond stud earrings. In this kind of setting, the prongs cradle the diamonds and surround them in one place. This kind of setting makes the diamond look elegant and magnificent. One of the classiest diamond setting options, the four-prong setting makes the diamond shine and dazzle.

• 3-Prong Martini Setting: In this kind of setting, the diamond sits comfortably in the triangular setting and this lends it a more streamlined configuration. If you want something different and classy over the traditional
4-prong setting, go for the 3 prong martini setting which is an ode to perfection and style.

• Bezel Setting: For the modern and bold look, opt for a bezel setting in which the edges of the diamond are enclosed to create a simple and sleek silhouette. The diamonds in the bezel setting have an additional advantage of being protected against bumps, scrapes or drops because these are completely encompassed and are not affected by any external influence.

• Halo: One word that defines the halo setting is gorgeous and glamorous. The centre diamonds are surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds in this kind of diamond setting. This addsextra radiance to your appeal and makes the centre diamond stand tall amongst the ring of smaller diamonds around it. If you want to make a big impact, opt for this kind of diamond setting.

• Basket setting: In this, the bottom is flat and the stone is placed at the top in the form of a basket.

• Dangle setting: Diamonds are customizable and that is what makes them special and distinct. Opting for a dangle setting is making your diamond earrings stand out amongst the thousand options available on hand. Mesmerizing and eye-catching, in the dangle setting the central diamond rests in the prong setting that hangs from a delicate loop closure and makes the diamond the centre of the show.

How Should You Pick The Best Setting For Diamond Earrings?

This is your prerogative and depends on your choice and style. If you are looking for something impactful, you can go for a prong and basket setting. But this will mean a compromise on safety. In the case of a bezel setting, you can be assured of safety, but you will have to compromise on the visibility factor. If you want to wear the diamond earrings to the office, go for something more safe and sturdy. For formal occasions, you can choose 4-prong or martini setting.

While you must have had a clear picture of the kind of diamond fashion earrings you want and the setting too, you can talk to us before you finalize on any particular setting, and our experts will guide you accordingly.


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