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How do I start a packaged food business?

Food packaging is an essential way to maintain food quality, reduce food waste and reduce preservatives used in food. The packaging fulfils the important function of containing food, protecting from chemical and physical damage while providing basic information to consumers and marketers. Canned foods are pollution-free and support the shelf life of a food product.
Today, there are many types of food on the market. One must choose which one to pack and sell. To make a wise decision, one must investigate the idea of packaging food completely.

Here are some important steps to start packing food companies in India:
1.) Create a business plan: The business plan must include strategies related to the company's management and operations. This will help simplify ideas for future development and allocate budget efficiently. This should include cost-benefit analysis for business, industry trends, and an overview of the business.

2.) Select the business structure: The choice of business structure depends on the nature of the business. It is important to manage and operate businesses individually through sole proprietorship. Aside from this, you can also choose a limited liability company where the money can be raised by more than one person. If the scale of the process is large, then the company's business model is most appropriate. Depending on the type of business structure, the registration process will continue. The registration process differs for each structure. Several documents are required to establish the company. After incorporation, licenses and other registrations will start running.

3.) Deciding on how to work: Business processes are essential to running a business. Therefore, the business owner must pay special attention to the formulation of the operating cycle. When deciding on a scheme, the project owner must search for sources, which can provide a wide variety of specific foods in large quantities. If the business owner decides to make food and then sell it, in this case it will be useful to read trade and retail magazines. Magazines provide enough information that in turn helps them make sound decisions.

4.) Packaging unit location: The location is important because many entries used in packing units are perishable. It is important for the packaging unit to be present in such a way that entries are received without deteriorating their quality. Equally important is the sale of pre packaged products on the market. The packaging unit location shall be consistent with the purchase of raw materials and the sale of pre packed products.

5.) Bank verification account: The current bank account is important for transactions at the time of incorporation. All tax returns submitted after incorporation are made through a current business bank account.

6.) FSSAI registration: The Food Standards and Safety Act 2006 requires a food license to carry out commercial activities related to the production, manufacture, processing, distribution, distribution, sale, import, export and storage of any food or Beverage Consultant. Specific rules and regulations have been defined for dairy business, processing units and hotels. Multiple announcements and decisions must be submitted at the time of application for registration.

7.) Other approvals:
Registration of the small industry: The registration is done by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. The MSMEs registry identifies these companies. All small and auxiliary units, which have factories and machinery less than Rs. 10 million, must request this registration from the Director of Industries of the relevant state government. The main objective of this record is to maintain the statistics of these units as well as provide various incentives and support programs for these units. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of state governments to promote and develop these companies.
NOC from the municipal body: No Objection Certificate and Copy of License is mandatory for re labelers and re packers.

GST registration: For any business, to carry operations lawfully, one must file for GST Registration. Returns have to be filed monthly, quarterly, and annually depending upon the registration requirement.
Trademark registration: This is important to protect brands and slogans that are unique to the business entity or person. It can be obtained irrespective of the structure of the business. Only a registered owner of the Trademark is able to create, establish, and protect the goodwill of goods and services. It is important for the purpose of securing infringements.
By following the above mentioned steps you can successfully kick start packaged food business in India.


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