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5 Places that you can visit Virtually

The Pandemic and never ending lockdown has ruined our 2020 Travel plans by making it difficult to explore new places. At this moment, we could do anything to teleport ourselves to the beach or a mesmerizing scenic place. But unfortunately, we have to resort to whatever means we have and stay entertained. One such thing is virtual travelling. Virtual tours experiences are privately guided by tour guides, informative and unique. You can explore the world, from Asia, Europe, Africa to India. These tours will help in keeping your travel spirit alive. Here are top 5 Places that you can visit virtually.
A virtual journey to the end of the Earth. Being the coldest and windiest continent on the planet, where temperatures drop as low as -90 C and winds rage in excess of 100 mph. Visiting Antarctica is the ultimate escape from reality where Time zones don’t exist, there are more penguins and animals than people themselves, and its snow-covered tundra, peaks, and valleys are majestic. It offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. This unique, remote, hostile and beautiful place is worth an amazing virtual trip of a lifetime.
Petra, Jordan
Explore this magnificent city also known as the ancient Rose City of Petra from the comfort of your living room. A guide can walk you through a live virtual tour explaining the history of the Nabatean, their culture, the obelisk tomb, the Gateway to the Siq, through the mile-long gorge and huge canyons, to the beautiful Treasury, which will leave you stunned. This is a lovely live experience for anyone who would like to visit Petra, Jordan.
Explore Amsterdam’s breath-taking Art and Culture Virtually. Most of the city’s art galleries and museum provide virtual tours. Adore the masterpieces of Dutch Masters, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Vincent Van Gogh. Hear some interesting and unknown stories of Rembrandt and Van Gogh from a passionate art historian and expert.
Spend a luxurious time by discovering the history of Dubrovnik. Take a live walking tour and learn about the ancient buildings and churches, historical and recent anecdotes and uncover some well-hidden secrets. The virtual tour of majestic Dubrovnik conducted by an enthusiastic local guide also includes numerous Game of Thrones filming locations for all the fans out there.
Florence is undoubtedly Italy’s prettiest city. It has a close connection with the history and culture of the world. The Birthplace of the Renaissance is a home for gifted artisans and talented designers. Discover its stories and secrets as you explore Florence with an enthusiastic local guide. Travel to its famous sight-seeing sights, museums, traditions, and legends on a virtual experience of Florence.

A Virtual Interactive tour with a licensed guide is led by a webinar along with photos, videos and a fully interactive chat function which makes this engaging. Whether you’ve never been abroad or missing your yearly trips, enjoy an exciting, interactive experience from the comfort of your home.


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