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10 Twitter Tricks To Kickstart Your Business

Do you command attention and listen? Do you sell?

Or do you rarely update and turn a lazy eye towards social media updates?

If you do own a business and are wanting to reach globally – Twitter plays an inevitable role and can actually turn out to be a catalyst where sales and popularity are concerned.

had – and here is how.

1. Your personal Relationship Manager:
Public relations just got cheap and cool!

With Twitter being widely accessible, it proves to be your relationship manager, where building prospects are concerned. You do not need to hire an agency or a professional – Twitter has you covered. The recent Advanced Search feature only acts as a catalyst in building a relationship with your prospective followers.

2. Taking down orders is one #Tweet away!
Taking down orders just got easier and how!

Gone are those days where your client had to call or, worse, email a paragraph about the products they want to purchase. Gone are those days when your client had to go through several layers of communication to reach you. Now it’s all elementary and effortless, and you can actually take down orders through @replies, @DMs, and of course, tweets. Did we mention it’s really easy?

3. Show off your product, proudly.
Twitter does not do subtle. Either it’s forgotten, or its the new trend – there is no in-between.

It is easy to use this site to the best of your advantage; strive towards being noticed and take this opportunity to show off your products and services – don’t be shy! The more you show off, the more it attracts and commands attention.

4. Engaging with Followers never seemed more fun!
On Twitter, engaging is totally raw and real.

Twitter allows your business to directly engage with your followers – no layer of communication, no grapevine, and absolutely no annoying assistants asking to call back later. Your customers want to slap you in the back, direct tweet. They want to throw virtual tomatoes at you, direct tweet. To top it all, this can be pretty entertaining if you can take the hint!

5. Added popularity with that ridiculous TV ad:
Why do one when you can have the best of both worlds?

So, you’ve gone ahead and done a 1-minute tv advertisement about how cool your product is, and why others should use it – and it just about reached your expectations. You found it a success.

However, if you did that same tv ad and promoted your Twitter page– and did vice versa with your page, could you beat the few thousand followers from earlier?

6. Can never grow wrong with Coupons:
What’s a successful marketing tool without coupons and discounts?

For small businesses that complain about not getting enough attention, coupons are a great way to engage with the public. It is not confined to only small and medium brands; Several huge companies also swear by coupons for sales promotion. These types of coupons are exclusive to Twitter, and everything is tracked – hence, sometimes, the coupons outperform on social media and PPC campaigns.

7. Spread awareness of your products:
“Using Twitter to share my products online? Where do I sign up?!”

A shining example of this would be Etsy – they turn to Twitter to spread awareness of their products, and this way, the sellers listed on Etsy get a whopping exposure through the company’s brand name. Doing the same with your brand will show some great results if you’re confident enough to take your business online!

8. User Content – the most genius idea yet?
What’s more authentic and original than your customers promoting your brand?

The whole idea of integrated user content is to promote your brand and its products through your customers – preferably with an influencer tag.

When a user is actually satisfied with your service and promotes it through word of mouth, then chances are, the general audience actually considers this raw and original. There is no tampering with first-hand experience stories.

9. Use Twitter, Get Brand Awareness! – Your next slogan?
Twitter is a terrific way to get brand awareness and loyalty – ask McDonald’s, they agree!

Twitter is a global blogging site; chances are once you post online on Twitter – everyone gets the chance to view your brand. This gives you the golden opportunity to take your company to places it’s never been. Using this site to enhance and induce brand awareness is not a difficult task. McDonald’s and KFC definitely swear by Twitter – why not you?

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10. LISTEN – It is key:
Use Twitter as a listening tool – It goes a long way.

Listening to your customer’s concerns shows that your business cares about them, and not just the sales. This sort of behavior is unmatchable as customers are only attracted to companies that respect their opinion. Listening is a great way to enhance the growth of your business.

Now that you’re aware of how Twitter can really help your business, there is no need to reinvent it when so many other companies have already seen success. Instead, learn from their accomplishments, it might just work wonders for you.


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