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How to be a Virtual Assistant

How to be a Virtual Assistant

Be determined
Determination is not whether you’re a good or bad person, it’s about what you’re willing to do to achieve your end goal. Your path to success is always based on the determination that you have ingrained within yourself. Determination aligns your energy and attention towards your focus.

Not all forms of determination are the same. Your determination can come from a point of helplessness in your circumstances. It can also come from a conscious choice to go with the easiest option that is available in your particular situation.

Study your circumstance and your intention, then choose a path that blends the two extremes of determination mentioned above. Doing this ensures that you always have something to fuel your intention.

Be Passionate:

Make sure that you will do this not only because of money and because you need it but because you are passionate about it and it makes you happy, Always remember that if you do what makes you happy you will never get tired of it and you will always be satisfied and content.

Save money:

Being a Virtual Assistant is not just a job in the company that everything will be provided for you, you have to invest, you have to provide everything that you need from computer, headset, internet the trainings and most of all the other benefits that a company is providing for you like SSS, Pagibig, Health card and etch. All of this will be gone once you start your Freelancing online jobs. As much as possible don't leave your job while you still don't have a permanent freelancing online job.

Research and Inquire:

It’s better that before you start, you already have an idea of what you will do, start joining some groups that have something to do about this pace and ask questions there's no harm in asking and gaining knowledge. Before I started enrolling myself into this course I'm taking right now, I’ve researched first and asked questions, I knew it won't be easy at first, but I have this determination and inspiration. When I think I was ready I took the chance.

Take some training and learn:

Training and coaching is very important while building your career, because you will save more time and less effort on learning the things you wanna learn, you can be trained but without coaching, it will take you a lot of time to totally learn everything. And plus coaching will increase your self confidence will improve your performance and skill because it's easier for the other person to see what is good and what is not in what you do, than seeing it for yourself.

I took the training from I can see a lot of awesome reviews about online jobs, about getting hired after or during the training, and they are even giving a chance to the trainees to gain experience through apprenticeship. And I will take that apprenticeship program once I finish this last course i'm taking to gain more experience.

So don't waste time and do these steps so you can start your new career journey and be led by FVA Pilipino Virtual Assistance. You will enjoy their courses and will have a new career that will give you more chances to be with your family while providing their needs and leisure sometimes.

Manage your time:
Most of us don't really manage our time properly, now if your planning to work as Virtual Assistant; you have to learn to manage your time. There's a lot of ways to learn it you just have to be consistent and if you want some more tips about it? here's a link of a blog where you will learn a lot about how ti manage time.


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