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How to Clean Black Currency Notes?

Having stained currency notes can be a problem if you don’t know the real solution to it. Stained currency notes also known as anti-breeze currency can be cleaned easily with the help of professionals or the special chemicals aimed for cleaning black currency. You will find many suppliers offering chemicals to clean the stained notes, but the most trusted among all would be SSD chemical solution. This solution comes in various forms to offer the best results in terms of quality and performance. It can be used for cleaning counterfeit money and also for the stained currency that require quick cleaning.

Some of the common solutions used to clean this anti-breeze currency are –

Automatic DX-1 – This is superior quality SSD solution used to clean impurities and coating found on the currency notes. It dissolves the stains and then cleans the notes without damaging the same.

Mercury – Liquid Mercury Formula is trusted formula to clean international currency with superior quality results. You can procure this solution online from the trusted chemical suppliers at highly competitive pricing. The solutions are delivered to your doorsteps where you can use them to clean it on your own or seek the professional help for best results.

SSD Compound Powder – This compound powder comes is made available as grains. The grainy texture of the powder is used along with liquid chemical to dissolve all the impurities deposited on the note. The texture of the powder is good to be rubbed on the notes to make them free of any form of impurities.

Activation Powder – Activation powder can also be used along with the SSD chemical solution to dilute the black coat from the currency. The cleaning of the currency is then done easily with simple chemical treatment.

Where to Source these chemicals?

Sourcing of these chemicals can be tricky if you don’t know the trusted source. Try to find them online from trusted source or referred by your acquaintance. A poor quality chemical will not offer good results and may also damage the currency notes. Try and find only the best quality products that can be used easily to get trusted results. Look for the supplier offering all of the above mentioned solutions at competitive pricing. Some of them will also offer cleaning service along with the chemicals. Try and check the machine cleaning options as that will make your task very easy compared to the manual cleaning.

There are lots of fake chemicals available in the market, so don’t settle for cheaper options. Always try and get the best alternatives that would not just offer satisfactory cleaning results but would also prevent any type of damage to the stained currency notes.


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