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5 Tips to prepare for JEE while studying at home

As we know, due to the spread of Coronavirus across the country, the JEE Main 2020 exam has been postponed. The new dates have been announced by the National Testing Agency. According to the announcement, the exam will be conducted from July 19 to July 23, 2020. On the other hand, the JEE-Advanced exam will be conducted on August 23, 2020. This time is an opportunity that should be taken in a positive stride and aspirants should make the best of it. If you lay out a strategic plan for the preparation you might be able to speed the process by 2X. JEE is certainly one of the toughest entrance examinations, and thus requires the right preparation strategies. From your study pattern and coaching centre to the strategies you form to solve the paper, all can go a long way in helping you achieve your IIT dream . Here are 5 tips that will help you to prepare for JEE while at home:

- Build Strong Basics: JEE questions are based on the NCERT syllabus with an advanced level of difficulty. However, NCERT is not enough for practical questions. A very simple formula of cracking your JEEs involves forming a strong base of fundamental and conceptual knowledge which will come in handy in any type of pattern because there is no single pattern. Go through each concept thoroughly and understand the fundamentals, that is going to help you the most. Solve questions and clear your doubts from your peers or teachers as soon as possible. Your aim should be to not depend on patterns and create a strong base for yourself. Your preparations have to be so that you can face any type of questions from any topic.

- Routine and Time Management: There is no foolproof way or schedule that you can follow which will ensure you score a high rank. Rather focus on creating a one tailor-made to your prep and your convenience. Create a schedule which you will stick to. Reward yourself with small breaks. It is also beneficial to practice time management as it is one of the underrated tools you need to be equipped with during the JEE exam. Even a simple tool like Google Calendar can be used to allot time or days to chapters/sections.

- Notes and Revisions: Do not try to mug concepts and formulas. Make small notes, mark the important questions, practice diagrams, and learn formulas and their applications. Preparing self-notes is the subtle yet powerful way of revision to memorize everything you have gone through. Make notes as to where you are getting stuck and what are those chapters where you know you can score. Allot some time to go through what you have studied the whole day. Once you are through with a chapter, revise it thoroughly. If you think you require additional resources and are not confident enough, go for FIITJEE's Grand Masters Package. It is built to help students polish their knowledge & skills in just 4 - 5 weeks and the results have been absolutely brilliant. They also offer guidance on "How to attempt the JEE papers", which will help in the removal of stumbling blocks, if any, and tips on producing peak performance on the examination day.

- Work Smart and Strategize: The weightage of questions is divided into difficulty levels. 25% of the questions are easy, another 25% is difficult and the rest 50% is averagely difficult. Check which subjects have more weightage in the paper and make a topic-wise analysis of different subjects. Working hard is important but working smarter is what gets you to the top. A good strategy is sometimes what makes all the difference.

- Attempt Mock Tests: Lastly, when you think you have reached the stage of practice and revisions, go for FIITJEE's test series. Seeing better results with practice will give you a sense of confidence as well. FIITJEE with myPAT, which is India's largest online learning and assessment platform for competitive and scholastic exams, is now offering free online test series. No matter which coaching institute you belong to, you can practice by giving test exams so that you can assess your performance and get a comprehensive knowledge of what areas to focus on. The trick to solving the exam is comprehensive knowledge and speed. These tests help you in revising the whole syllabus with the feel of the actual exam. With each mock test, you will find yourself getting better. The test series for JEE Main 2020 contains 10 full tests; JEE Advances 2020 has 10 full tests (Paper 1 + Paper 2), the tests can be accessed till the respective exams dates in 2020. You can also solve previous years' papers to get an idea of what the paper is like.

It is time to pull up your socks and aim higher!

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