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How Corona Virus Is Going To Impact Small Businesses

Corona pandemic is has become a serious concern for most the countries across the world. India is also not different. We are also suffering and govt is taking certain steps to control the damage, which is happening, and which may happen due to pandemic. As best sales and business coach in India I am getting lots of questions on the impact of Corona Virus on economy.

As a business coach in India I am realizing that In India, we have all types of micro and small businesses. Different types of small businesses are going to face the impact of Corona differently. Small businesses like restaurant, shop keepers, construction contractors, and wedding planners and others are going to be getting affected. Hotels, travel and couriers and home delivery industry all are going to get affected in different ways.

Home delivery especially is under tremendous scrutiny. People are afraid that the delivery boy himself may be corona infected or the material supplied by at home could also be Corona infected.

Some businesses may see some positive upward change and others are going to face downward change.

As sales coach in India I keep talking to few business owners on day to day basis. The other day I was talking to the car workshop owner. He has a team of ten workers. Since the lockdown, no cars are coming for repairs and he is now finding difficult to pay salaries to his workers. After lockdown also he expects that movement of people will remain restricted and number of cars coming to his shop for repairs will do down. His overall business has gone down and shall go down further in future.

He also mentioned that, the scooter business and motorbike business is going to improve. Because of movement restriction, a good source of reliable movement shall be scooter and motorbike. So, sales and the repair of two-wheeler is likely to go upward.

Again as business coach in NCR I am realizing that there have been lots of weddings which were fixed before the lockdown, but it was not known to anybody and now as a result of that all the weddings either are getting cancelled or the party's size is going to be limited to few numbers. But invites were already sent out, events that were going to happen will probably not happen.

Therefore, under this condition, everyone it seems is going to be a loser. The customers have already booked the venue they will lose their booking amount. But at the same time, the banquet halls and other venues will also lose their business. The caterers will also lose their business as well as so many other allied vendors, and suppliers will lose opportunity to make some good money. In this situation, everybody is under tremendous stress.

The travel and hotel industries have come down drastically due to restricted movement due to the fear of corona across the world. The bookings are getting cancelled and it is expected that travel-related all businesses will take a big beating.

As a sales and business coach my advice to other small business owners that they need to wait patiently. And be hopeful and after lockdown, such things will get revived surely. But no doubt it will take some time.

The manufacturing sector will take a beating due to low demand in various sectors. However, medicine and pharma and medical equipment shall in much demand and will definitely see a boom in the coming days.

On the positive side, as sales and business coach I expect that there is going to be a lot of manufacturing business shifting from China to India. The companies from Japan and US are already searching for a better place than China. The governments across the world are not confident about China and they are not sure of their relationship with future. But India has another problem of unskilled labor due to which chances are that we shall take hit due to our production quality issues.

Chinese machine manufacturers are already under tremendous pressure of orders. There lots of orders are getting cancelled from across the world, which is becoming a good opportunity for Indian businesses. Lots of small manufacturing companies now can import machines from China and set their units here in India.

Again, as business coach I think I expect that there will be a shortage of manpower in certain areas in the country. Especially the labor shortage will be there at least for a short time as lots of workers have moved back to their hometown. But good things will be that lots of people will also get shunted out from the different companies. So, some good manpower may be available at staff level for different companies. So, somebody’s loss will become someone else’s loss.

Govt is also offering certain benefits to small and medium enterprises and this is leading to some relief coming to SME segment of business. Now it is the time to wait and watch and keep doing whatever best they can do at this point in time.

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