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Why Should We Learn Quran?

The Glorious Quran is the last revelation by Allah. Allah Almighty has revealed this book on our beloved Proohet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) so that he can convey the message of Allah to the humans. That is why, it is very important to learn and understand the Quran in order to get the true essence of life.

The purpose of the revelation of the Holy Quran is not just limited to its reading. But Allah has revealed this book so that the humans can seek guidance from it and spend their lives in accordance with the principles Allah has mentioned in it. In this article, I will be presenting you the 5 reasons for which you should learn Quran and you will also come to know how learning Quran has been made easier by the online Quran teaching academies.
Benefits of Learning Quran
There are a lot of benefits of reading the Holy Quran but here are a few most prominent benefits of learning the Quran.
Guidance for the Life
In order to lead a successful life, there is a need for proper guidance. Without proper guidance, it becomes very difficult to live life in a successful way. The Holy Quran is full of guidance that shows us the correct path at each and every step of our lives. We can live our lives in a successful way if we learn Quran and then act upon its teachings.
Calmness of Heart
The thing that is not available today is the solace of heart. It is very important to have a calmness in the heart in order to live a happy life. People are so busy in their lives that they do not pay attention towards their spirituality and have a restless heart in return. But Allah has mentioned in the Quran that the peace of heart lies in the remembrance of Allah.
“Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.” (Surah Ra’d, Verse 28).
The above mentioned verse clearly states that if anyone wants to have a peaceful heart, he should remember Allah (means that he should learn Quran).
Solution of All Problems
Everyone has a lot of problems in his life. There is no person in the world with problems. Some have big problems while some don't have that big. We are searching for the solutions to our problems but can't find them. The biggest reason is that we don't read Quran while Allah has mentioned the solution to all the problems in this Holy book. That is why it is very important to learn Quran in order to get the solutions to our problems.
Great Reward for Its Recitation
Besides the solution to all the problems, Allah has declared a great reward for the people who read the Quran. It is a great virtue to read the Quran everyday. Allah has offered ten deeds against each letter of the Holy Quran and there are hundreds of thousands of words written in the Holy Quran. So in order to do more and more good deeds, one should regularly read the Holy Quran.
Defense on the Day of Judgement
Every Muslim believes in the Day of Judgement and every Muslim tries to prepare himself for this day. After it is the main purpose of our life. But reading the Quran strengthens our relationship with Allah and advocates us on the Day of Judgement. It means that the Holy Quran will be in the favor of that person who will learn Quran and read it regularly.
How Quran Learning is Easier Nowadays?
It has become very easy nowadays to learn anything. Same is the case with Quran learning. It is very easy to learn Quran online because there are a lot of online Quran academies who help you to learn Quran online. There are a lot of benefits of online Quran teaching academies as the person doesn’t have to go anywhere to learn Quran and he/she can learn it while sitting at his/her home.
There are a lot of benefits of reading and learning the Holy Quran but only 5 of these mentioned in this article. If you want to get all the benefits of the Holy Quran, you should regularly read it. Being a Muslim, it is our responsibility to learn and understand what Allah is saying to us.


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