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Major Differences Between Laminates and Sunmica

Do You Know the Difference Between Laminates And Sunmica?
In this article, we're going to discuss the major differences between Sunmica and laminates.

Let’s break the dateless myth – the difference between laminates and sun mica. Even experienced wood retailers get confused between the two making it difficult for consumers as well.

Laminates are a composite synthetic artificial material very popularly used as a final touch on plywood, wooden furniture, wall panels, and flooring. Thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins are pressed together applying heat or adhesive to produce laminates The upper layer of best laminates is beautified with a photographic applique layer to create attractive designs and colors. Best laminates in the market look exactly the same as traditional wood furniture yet available at a cheaper price. Hence, it’s in huge demand in the home construction and renovation industry.

In India, Sunmica is just a brand of laminate that entered the country during the British era. Sunmica – a kind of laminate sheet is such a hit among Indians that today end-users directly ask wood vendors for sunmica catalog and shades. The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited is recognized as the first Sunmica manufacturer of the country. As per Amulya Mica 2019 sales book, the most popular type of sunmica of the year was digital mica sheets with floral design.

Over the years comfortably, Indians love calling laminates as sunmica only. A similar example would be, how Xerox (just a brand) is to photocopy. Viral use of the brand name has made it nearly synonymous with the product.

Just for added information, the other kinds of laminates that you may check next time, than just sticking to sunmica are Formica and Merino Laminates.

Do you ask for toothpaste or a Colgate at the retail store? Hope that helps you decide whether its sunmica or laminates.


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