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How does Google Analytics help your business?

best digital marketing company in India: We live in an era where digital rules the technology world. Technology changes every day, and so do digital marketing. Digital marketing plays a crucial part in your business to grow. It means to promote your product and services digitally. The best digital marketing company in Gurgaon takes the help of Google analytics to know about their audience. The question arises, that “what is Google analytics and how it helps your business?”

Google Analytics is a free tool to analyze that use by the marketer. It is a free analysis service offered by Google that gives you information about your traffic report. The best digital marketing company in Gurgaon uses an analytics report to know about their audience and their behavior. It is of great help. Google Analytics is of great help in SEO services. SEO is Search Engine Optimization that helps your website to have a great rank in search engine result page and improve your website quality. Social media also help you to grow your business. People are more likely to use social sites to go to your business website. In Google Analytics, you will find reports of your traffic channels, traffic behaviors, traffic locations, etc. The digital marketing services in Gurgaon uses these report to bring traffic to your business.
What are the crucial reports you will find in Google Analytics?

1) Traffic Channels: The first necessary information you need is your website traffic and from where all the traffic is coming. You can check the report every day by changing the days. You can check the traffic every day. In the channel report, you will see a few parameters like:

a) Organic: Organic means traffic coming to your website by using the keywords in Google. You will get high traffic organically if your SERP rank is high.

b) Direct: Direct traffic means coming to your website by using your company’s URL directly.

c) Social Media: Traffic is coming through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Social sites are important for your website because you will find more traffic on social media sites.

d) Referral: It means if a user clicks to your site on another website, it means referral traffic.

These are the four traffic channel reports you will get in here to know about your audiences. The digital marketing company in Gurgaon uses this channel report to know their traffic where it is coming. These are all in the acquisition report.
2) Behavior report: This is another report that is necessary to know about how the user interacts with your website. It means how much the user spends time on a particular page, how many pages the user goes to, what is his exit page, etc. It basically tells you about the site content, site speed, site search, events, etc. A marketing team needs to know about their audience and what they like to visit. An online marketing company in Gurgaon uses every analytics report to help bring conversion for their business to grow and stand in this competitive world.

Google Analytics also tells you about your website bounce rate and user’s session. These two are the key points like, if the bounce rate is less, then it means people are loving your website and its contents, then automatically session duration is high. Google Analytics plays a crucial role for a digital marketing company in India.

The best digital marketing company in Gurgaon uses every possible trick to bring huge trafficking to its website. To be honest, digital marketing is expanding, and it will keep on developing. The tip for you is to follow the latest trends in digital marketing.

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