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Why Magento is Still an Ecommerce Giant in the Market?

The last few years have shown real growth for “plug-and-play” e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, etc. However, for many store owners, merchants, and e-commerce developers, Magento remains the prime consideration for an e-commerce project. So what really makes Magento unique and the favorite of the e-commerce industry?
Let’s discover out some facts that will help you understand why Magento is still considered an e-commerce giant till date:-

Open Source
Magento is a free e-commerce platform and built using PHP and other open-source tools. By using these technologies and remaining open source means that Magento as a platform has several distinct advantages over the competition. The Platform is highly adaptable and could be modified endlessly to exactly fit project requirements. Using open-source tools also means that the platform guarantees a robust performance and enhanced security for merchants and developers.

Custom Designed for Ecommerce

These days all major CMS’s including WordPress, Drupal, and others offer e-commerce capabilities (right out of the box in some cases!), they are designed with an e-commerce-only approach. Thus Magento powered e-commerce solutions offer a better experience to everyone from the developers to the store administrators to end users who come to shop at the storefront. Over the years, Magento has evolved into a feature-rich e-commerce solution that comes pre-packaged with all the essential tools needed to build up an e-commerce web store.

The Magento Community

Where there is an open-source app, there is a community!
Since Magento is a very popular open-source e-commerce platform, there is a huge community of store owners, merchants, developers, designers, agencies, e-commerce consultants, tech solutions providers, and general end-users around the globe who discuss everything Magento in great details. The community ensures that the platform remains up-to-date, fast, reliable, secure and free from bugs. The good thing about this community is a very welcoming nature that makes every newcomer feel right at home.

No Hosting Related Restrictions

Magento allows you to choose the hosting solution of your choice. This way you could select the best hosting solution provider that fits your requirements and your budget. Similarly, when it is time to migrate your store, there are no restrictions on when and where you could host your store.

Fast & Scalable

When it comes to page load speed, Magento is a clear winner!
Magento with high-end caching technologies such as the Cloudways Full Page Cache and other database optimization techniques such as Memcached and Redis speed up the stores considerably. Magento is suitable for small to large (and even huge) e-commerce stores simply because it’s flexible enough to grow with your business. In fact, Magento might surprise you with its performance, stability, and reliability.

Multiple Stores

Many e-commerce platforms let you have a single store per account. With Magento, you can set up multiple stores that could be managed through a single backend. You can control stores’ inventory, orders, billing, customer information, using a single admin panel.
Each store can have different themes and templates associated with them. You can also assign a subdomain for individual stores. The ease of controlling all of the stores simultaneously through a single admin panel greatly simplifies the management and administration of multi-stores that operate in a single or multiple categories.


Magneto offers a lot of functionalities that help developers create the perfect store for their clients. The tools ease out the problems of showcasing products, online transactions, and discounts management to name a few areas where Magento outperforms the competition. However, keep in mind that Magento is not a plug and play e-commerce solution. It does require a level of development and store optimization expertise from developers and administrators.


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