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How Your Stomach Controls HCl Acid For Preventing Stomach Cancer

Your stomach knows how to prevent stomach cancer. If you go against the natural function of your stomach to maintain a strong stomach acid level, you open yourself up to other diseases including stomach cancer. When you are trying to solve your acid reflux issue, know what you need to do to keep yourself healthy.

What you should do to keep it healthy and disease free. It changes the conditions in your stomach such as what you eat, and when. Diseases like heartburn or acid reflux and just stomach upset make you eat the wrong diet or eat improperly. This causes your stomach to distort its functions and in the process distorts the function of the surrounding valves that control the movement of food going in and out of your stomach.

How can excess gastrin be excreted?

When your abdominal wall becomes thin, nonfunctional, or atrophied, excess gastrin may be excreted. And, more gastrin can also be excreted when you take an acid blocker drug like prilosec when you have a heart blob, acid reflux, or GERD. If you stop the manufacture of HCL with a medicine during your meal, your stomach is indicated to release gastrin to produce more acid. Since a drug is inhibiting acid formation, G cells believe that not enough acid is being released into the stomach, so more gastrin is released. Taking 20 mg of prilosec can produce 3 to 4 times more of gastrin. When you take more Prilosec, 40 - 60 mg, it can result in 10 times more gastrin than required. Long-term use of Prilosec puts you at risk of stomach cancer. Now, you can see how just one drug can be used when it is overdose, then it can lead to an even worse disease, then prevent it from being used for a long time or Can be corrected. Try to do. For this reason, it is best to seek out natural methods to deal with heartburn, acid refluxhealth fitness articles, or stomach distress. Fixing your diet and using natural remedies can cure your stomach problems and keep you away from stomach cancer.

Here's how your stomach works.

HCl acid in your stomach is preferred at a pH between 1 and 3. A hormone called "gastrin" maintains this acid strength. When your stomach acid becomes weak, the lining of your stomach has a pH above pH 3, "G cells". The gastrin hormone activates the "parietal cells" located in the stomach lining, to release HCl acid. As more acid is pumped into the stomach, G cells are shown to reduce or inhibit the release of gastrin that the pH goes down to 3. When food reaches your stomach, a pH of 6-7 usually it happens. This causes your G cells to flush out gastrin so that the stomach lining can inject HCL into your food and start breaking down your food and lowering the pH to 2-3. Gastrin also regulates the stomach muscles. It controls abdominal contraction, which moves your stomach contents back and forth. When food is mixed and broken, contraction transfers food to the duodenum and small intestine. When your stomach emits high levels of gastrin, a condition known as hypergastrinemia, you become susceptible to stomach cancer.


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