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The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Double Bed Mattress

Everyone deserves a peaceful sleep and waking up feeling rejuvenated and well-rested is one of the best feelings in the world. Mattresses play a key role in achieving the purpose and everybody wants the best double bed mattresses. Having a backache/pain is the last thing anybody would want. Many people are not aware of the fact that the wrong mattress can elevate back and neck pain. So, it’s crucial to choose the right one.

Therefore, this ultimate buying guide is designed to help customers who are looking to buy a mattress that will fit their requirements. With so many options available in the market, finding the right mattress can be cumbersome and overwhelming as there is no definition for “right mattress”. What works for one may not work for the other. Anyhow, one should know the basics before buying a new one.

Kind of Sleeper: This is the first step in the guide, the buyer or the sleeper should figure out the sleeping pattern based upon sleeping position and weight. Sleepers have their favorite sleeping positions and an ideal mattress depends whether the person prefers side, stomach, back or a combination of all three. Generally, back and stomach sleepers like a firm base than the side sleepers who prefer a soft base.

The second factor is the weight. Heavy sleepers sink more and tend to sleep hotter than people with lightweight. That’s why they prefer a hard option and it’s suggested that they should have a mattress providing adequate support. The best single bed mattresses for heavy sleepers are latex or foam allowing relief to the pressure points. Another thing that many do not pay much attention to is whether the person sleeps hot or cold. Soft options allow less airflow trapping the body’s heat than the firm options. Some materials retain the heat leading to less breathability.

Material: The second aspect is selecting the right material. There are various materials available in the market such as latex, foam and hybrid. These have their specific advantages.

Besides the standard sizes, the choice can be further classified such as queen, king and XL. Moreover, the firmness level is another important aspect that many do not consider. This is based on the aforementioned point which describes the kind of sleeper the person is.

Thickness: It may happen, there is a perfect mattress and just because the thickness is not right. It won’t be worth it. Again, bodyweight may affect the thickness level. While most mattresses have at least 10 inches (thickness). Heavy people are much more comfortable on thicker beds whereas people who weigh less prefer the light beds.

Selecting the Right Support: This is the most crucial aspect when it comes to comfortable and durable mattresses. Today, with the sedentary lifestyle, health issues are on the rise and back or neck pain is one of them. While it’s is difficult to entirely change the lifestyle. One can do small changes to alleviate these issues and mattresses can aid in reducing the aches and pains. It all depends upon the material used to craft it and how they work in harmony to provide the support.
● For chronic back pains, one should opt for doctor recommended mattresses. These are specifically designed to lessen the backaches or pains and improve the overall sleeping pattern. These are known as orthopedic mattresses.
● Similarly, for mild back pains, memory foam or latex provides the best support. The former attempts to align the spine and relieve the pressure points preventing from tossing and turning. Whereas latex is manufactured with a natural material that is environment-friendly and durable.

Noise: It can irritate someone who is a light sleeper (wakes up with a slight disturbance). Especially when one of the partners goes to the bathroom frequently in the night. The noise can wake up the other person. So, it’s better to buy a mattress that doesn’t make much or no noise. The hybrids and the innerspring can make a creaking sound because of the coils. It would be best to get the silent mattresses—latex and foam ones.

Motion Transfer: This is somewhat related to the noise point. On a double bed, if one person shifts a lot and the other person can feel the motion transfer. It disturbs the other person. In such cases, spring mattresses must be avoided, they are not the best choice in this regard.

Budget: It all comes down to budget since it will be a one-time investment and an important one. Any mattress from a reputed brand will have a minimum of 5 years of warranty so one has to think of it as a good investment. There is no point in buying a mattress that isn’t compatible with the body type based on all the aforementioned factors. That will be a waste of money and it’s best to make the best choice possible when buying it because of health. No one should compromise on that.

This was the ultimate buying guide for buying the mattress. When shopping for the mattress, do consider these points before finalizing the purchase. It might lessen the research time and provide the proper information. However, given the lifestyle, a doctor's opinion might prove to be an added advantage. It wouldn’t hurt to ask. Also, some people are too sensitive to the material therefore, eco-friendly and the chemical-free option is a preferred choice of many including kids and pregnant women. After all, health is wealth.

Brand Overview: Sleeping Option, a brand of Classic Corporation, is one of the topmost brands for producing finest mattresses to provide the ultimate comfort and optimum sleeping experience. The brand’s products are made from the highest quality materials with innovative design and craftsmanship. These not only offer the restful sleep but also rejuvenates the body having high energy to get you through the day.


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