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The 12 Houses Of Astrology And Their Significance

In astrology, the 12 houses have great importance just like the 12 zodiac signs. In fact, they lay the foundation for your life. Each house represents many things in a person’s life. The houses are also called ‘Bhaavs’. Given below are the 12 houses and their significance.

1st HOUSE: Ruler, Aries - This is the first house or house of self. It’s also called the Rising Sign/ Ascendant. It denotes the major aspects; personality, ego, looks, temperament, new beginnings and your attitude to life. This sign has an impact on health issues you faced in life.

2nd HOUSE: Ruler, Taurus - This house is the house of possessions which represents matters related to your material and physical world. It reveals your financial affairs, how you earn money and your self-esteem.

3rd HOUSE: Ruler, Gemini – This is the House of Communication. It rules all kinds of communication like speaking, writing, etc. It also concerns everyday activities and the surrounding environs.

4th HOUSE: Ruler, Cancer – This is the House of Home. It is the lowest point on the zodiac wheel. It represents the home and parents especially the mother and her influence on the native in their childhood. The fourth house also indicates the sense of security in one’s private place.

5th HOUSE: Ruler, Leo - The fifth house is the House of Creativity and Pleasure. It rules self-expression and all types of leisure activities, love affairs and anything that includes fun and recreation.

6th HOUSE: Ruler, Virgo - This is the House of Health and Service. It represents fitness, hygiene, diet, illnesses, helpfulness and your service to others including animals.

7th HOUSE: Ruler, Libra - This is the House of Partnerships representing serious relationships and other people. It includes not just romantic relationships, but also business partnerships, contracts, business deals, etc.

8th HOUSE: Ruler, Scorpio – This is the House of Sexuality, Death and Rebirth. It denotes sex, intimacy in your relationships and deals with death and reincarnation. It also represents gifts and money through inheritance or investments.

9th HOUSE: Ruler, Sagittarius – This is the House of Philosophy and Travel and represents high learning. It rules the higher mind, mental development and expansion of your horizons. It also represents spiritual knowledge, ethics and morals, luck, risk, foreign languages, adventure and long distance or foreign travel.

10th HOUSE: Ruler, Capricorn - The tenth house of Career is seen to be the most public on the zodiac It represents your career and all things related to it. it indicates the areas you should focus on, suitable career paths, long term career goals, praise, recognition, etc. It also represents your father and his influence on you in your childhood.

11th HOUSE: Ruler, Aquarius - The House of Friendships rules your friendships, people who love and care for you. It represents your desires, hopes, and your ability to be happy. It defines your roles as a spouse, partner, friend or businessman. It also rules sudden occurrences, eccentricity, surprises, originality, invention and everything futuristic.

12th HOUSE: Ruler, Pisces - The last house is the House of Self Undoing and Karma. It is a secretive house and rules endings. It is also related to the psyche, prisons, hospitals, etc. Your creativity and imagination too come under this house. It indicates the tendency to self-indulgence and substance abuse. Usually, after some suffering, people also experience positive things like enlightenment, healing, etc.

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