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Myths About IVF treatment

IVF is the process of combining the egg with sperm outside the body. Louise Brown is the
firstborn baby with the help of IVF treatment in 1978. This day is celebrated as World
Embryologists Day. 
Best hospitals to get IVF treatment :
 Prana Fertility Centre
 Janam Fertility centre
 Aakash Fertility centre
 ARC International fertility and research centre
 Srushti Fertility Centre
 NOVA IVI Fertility
As this treatment gets more popular, numerous myths are spreading about IVF treatment. 
I wanted to clear up all the myths so that infertile couples get benefited from IVF treatment. 
Myth 1: IVF is the only treatment available for infertile problems :
IVF is one of the treatments available for infertility problems. Other treatments are Ovulation
induction, ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and so on which will help all infertile
couples to start their parenthood. 
Myth 2: IVF is much expensive treatment :
Yes IVF is expensive treatment but less comparatively other surgical treatment. 
Myth 3: IVF is only for the young couple :
IVF is for women looking to get pregnant after age 40. It is considered as a quickest and
reliable treatment. 
Myth 4: IVF children born with birth problems :
Very few IVF baby will have birth defects such as heart and urogenital tract malformations. 
Myth 5: IVF doesn’t raise the risk of breast cancer : 
According to Dutch research, women undergo IVF treatment don’t raise the risk of breast
According to the American Medical Association Journal, the risk of breast cancer for women
who undergoes IVF is similar to women who don’t undergo IVF. 
Myth 6: You should admit in hospital for IVF treatment :
It is not required to admit to the hospital for IVF treatment. 
Myth 7: You will get twins or triplets as the result of IVF treatment :
It is not true. Only one embryo is transferred through IVF. Rarely that embryos get divided.
So There is a higher chance of getting one baby from IVF treatment, 
Myth 8: Once you take IVF treatment you are more likely to conceive naturally :
It is false. IVF treatment will not give you longer-run effects.

Myth 9: Once you conceived with IVF You are not able to conceive naturally :
No, it depends on many factors. 
Myth 10: You need to be in complete rest. 
It is not required to be in bed rest for IVF success. If you shouldn’t do any other specific
activates your doctor will let you know. 
Myth 11: Failing in first IVF cycle says you are not able to conceive 
It is not true that failing in the First cycle means you are not able to conceive. There is a
higher chance to get pregnant even after eight IVF cycles. 
Myth 12: You will go through menopause earlier : 
It is a myth that women who get IVF treatment, will go through menopause earlier. 
Myth 13: IVF is a painful treatment :
IVF is not a painful treatment. The egg will be collected only under anesthesia and the
embryo is transferred In painless procedures. You may feel discomfort due to multiple
Myth 14: IVF works right away :
Be patient. IVF will not work right away. IVF treatment required some time to get your
We believe that all this information will clear you everything about IVF treatment. 
Always understand that IVF is not only your first treatment. Try out natural pregnancy. 
If it failed, consult doctor IVF treatment.

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