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Yoga Benefits For Anxiety

Life in the 21st century is undoubtedly a tiresome one for almost every person, irrespective of gender, age, or profession. The method that appears to be the most effective one in dealing with such stress and anxiety in everyday life is the regular practice of yoga. Yoga, even if done for a very small span of time, would yield benefits to ward off anxiety and provide a stable and peaceful mind that would help in concentrating and excelling in any desired activity.

Basic Yoga techniques those are beneficial to reduce anxiety:

There are four basic techniques comprised of by the master method of Yoga, which has been found to generate long-term benefits in control and prevention of anxiety, and they have been given below:

Specialized breathing techniques involved as part of Yoga serve an important role in warding off anxiety.

Muscle stretching is an important technique involved in Yoga that not just provides physical benefits but also serves as an effective tool in the reduction of panic attacks and anxiety.

Physical activities of movement and shifting are beneficial to those who suffer from serious pangs of anxiety very often.

Focusing techniques of mental activities form a major part of Yoga and is applied extensively for dealing with anxiety-related problems.

Benefits provided by the breathing techniques:

The most important advantage of practicing specialized breathing techniques in Yoga is that it helps to de-escalate the Fight or Flight response – the primary cause of most anxiety cases.

Anxiety causes rapid breathing movements that are shallow and unhealthy. Change in the breathing pattern, as included in Yoga, teaches one to take deep and controlled breaths that automatically help increase oxygen capacity in the lungs.

The attainment of physiological homeostasis due to stimulation of parasympathetic response and reduced production of excitatory hormones [due to a reduction in the blood pressure and rate of heartbeats] is made possible by Yoga, thereby helping ward off anxiety.

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