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What Is a Squeeze Page and How to Use It

Top 3 quick ways to make money is building a list, pay per click campaigns and creating your own product. It is ironic that the top three quick ways to make money all involved advanced Internet marketing strategies. It is almost cruel to the new marketers for the easiest ways to be the hardest ways.

Let me try to break complex down to simple so you can understand exactly what I mean. When I say building a list involves three components. It will involve a bonus offer, the actual e-mail lead capture page and traffic to your website.

The most important reason why you would want to build an e-mail list is to keep contact with the visitors that come to your website. It is very common for somebody to visit a website and never come back again. There are hundreds of millions of website choices that people have to choose from.

Give that person a strong reason of giving their e-mail to keep future contact and you ensure that you can keep communicating with and offer them more value and ultimately make sales. Building a list is your number two quick ways to make money

Pay per click campaigns involve getting onto the front page of different search engines with the biggest being Google, Yahoo and Bing. Trust me when I say this that it is extremely hard to get on the front page for free. The reason for that is because there are only 10 slots and potentially millions of websites competing.

Starting a pay per click campaign involves that you research keywords that are related to the offer that you are promoting and pay prices per click based on the ads that you have. You've seen these ads because they are on the right hand side of the Google results.

You will not pay anything until a person actually clicks on your ad. That is the beauty behind pay per click advertising and the reason why it's the number three quick ways to make money. This however can be complex and can be expensive for beginners.

Creating your own product is by far the best of the quick ways to make money. It is perceived to be an overwhelming task when it is actually not that complex. The components involved in creating your own product is a sales page and the download page.

The sales page will communicate the message of why the person should buy your product and the download page delivers your product.

As you are gradually creating an online presence with your online business, you are probably learning a number of new online industry terms. One of the common ones that you may have heard of is the Squeeze Page. Heard of it? If you have an online business and are new to the world of online marketing success, you probably want to know what it is and if you need one to be competitive in your niche. Below, we take a closer look at what it is and why it's important.

What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a term that refers to the page that announces to your client-when they sign up for your newsletter and give their email information-what they are opting into. Consider how you might treat your mailing list as a business owner-your client list that is. It is a priceless list that you use to check in with, send promotional mail pieces to, and strengthen your return customer base with. Online, the equivalent is an email marketing campaign. Visitors to your site are asked if they want updates on promotions, new services, and news of your business; and they opt in according to interest. Studies show that email marketing helps retains a large number of customers who might not have bought again.

This said, getting your customers to sign up for what they might think is spam or someone who might be selling their contact information to spammers, can be almost impossible. So, squeeze pages come into play. Squeeze pages come up automatically to reassure your customers that what they are offering their sign-up information for is exclusively for that purpose, and that their information will not be sold or used for any other reason. Since people are so scared of giving out their email address, a squeeze page is inevitably vital to retaining customers and being able to market to them in the future.


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