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What Are Some Ngo Interview Questions?

An interview is a crucial process that allows a company to screen a candidate, and at the same time, gives the candidate a fair idea of what to expect from the company. While the nature of an interview may vary from company to company, position to position and candidate to candidate, every interviewer seeks to find out the personal, professional and financial goals of candidates to ensure they fit into their requirement well.

However, when it comes to NGO job openings, the interview might be a shade different as the purpose and existence of an NGO is different from a corporate powerhouse. Every candidate who aspires to join the best NGO in India wants to make a difference to their life, and more importantly, to the lives of people in the society.

So, here are a few interview questions that an NGO must ask any candidate before hiring. The questions might not be the only questions that need to be asked but sure are a set of important ones that will fetch the interviewer the answers which will help him or her make a decision.

Passion: First things first. It’s vital to know if the candidate is passionate about serving an NGO and keen to help the unprivileged. In today’s times, when fat pay cheques and alluring perks are ruling the roost, it is only the passion for a job or a cause which can make all the difference. If you find the candidate is immensely passionate about making a difference and serving the society which will be evident in the answer, tick the first box and move on to know more.

Money vs service: When a candidate shows a financial goal as the prime objective, he or she might be right in their approach but may not be the right person for the job. Because any NGO requires people who look beyond the financial benefit and genuinely want to make a difference.

Expectations: While asking questions is an integral part of any interview, it isn’t a bad idea to put down the company’s expectations to the candidate to make the process clear as crystal. Therefore, giving a candidate a clear set of expectations in terms of targets, growth and learning is a good way to begin a professional relationship. That way, the company and candidate are both aware of what needs to be achieved and can work together towards achieving it.

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