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Having Children After Cancer: Your Fertility Treatment Options

How would you feel if you fought tooth and nail and eventually beat cancer- only to end up losing your fertility? Sadly, this had been the unfortunate and painful side effect for most young cancer survivors for many years.

Due to the existence of more aggressive cancer therapies and advancements in medical technology, a large number of young cancer patients now live to tell their story As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that 1 out of every 250 grown adults had survived cancer at one time or another during their childhood. For such survivors, cancer treatments like surgery, radiation or chemotherapy are often the cause of their temporary or permanent infertility.

Oncofertility is relatively new to the fertility world. It primarily focuses on fertility preservation for couples and individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. Oncofertility is a way to preserve your fertility prior to cancer treatment, allowing you to potentially create a healthy family after survival.
One oncofertility expert said, “The quality of life after surviving cancer hangs on the ability of the patient to forget the past and move on with their life and normal functions. This does not exclude having children. Oncofertility has turned out to be one major measure of the quality of medical care for young cancer patients,”.

What is Oncofertility all about?

Oncofertility services provide individuals diagnosed with cancer the chance to talk about measures for preserving fertility before they proceed with cancer treatment. Reproductive Sciences Medical Center is one of a few fertility clinics that works with individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer.

It is a new beginning for these patients who may have believed that their chance of having children would be almost impossible and prohibitively expensive- after a long battle with cancer.

“That is a key part of what we began here,” said the expert, who helped launch an oncofertility program back in 2014. He added that his team had done their best to offer affordable, discounted and readily accessible services, which include free medications for patients.

At RSMC, our oncofertility program provides individual-specific strategies to meet the needs of patients while employing recent fail-proof technologies into our clinical practice. The services embedded in the program are:

Egg Freezing
Sperm Cryopreservation
Egg donation

The expert also stated, “Today, early cancer diagnosis and effective treatment options have allowed for the survival of many individuals diagnosed with this medical condition. However, the medical care that many clinics provide focuses on the future of these cancer survivors. One of the important parts of our multidisciplinary approach to cater for these patients is providing access for the much-needed fertility preservation prior to cancer treatments. We are fulfilled and satisfied when we are able to help these young adults move on with their normal life after cancer: having a happy family and children, they so desired.”
You have got options — and we are here to help.

For more information about your treatment options, you can reach out to us at or call (858) 436–7186.

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