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7 Reasons Why You Should Use React

Initially produced for facebook,React is a Javascript library that fabricates UIs for single-page applications by separating UI into composable segments. Since it requires just an insignificant comprehension of HTML and JavaScript,React has ascended in notoriety as a front-end web advancement device.
We evaluated all front-end frameworks before working on a major new version of our product,JotForm 4.0. After a progression of Hack Weeks to kick feels worn out on present day web front-end libraries,we presumed that React was the best fit for our needs.Here is 7 reasons why we chosen proceed with React :
1)fast Learning Curve
Respond is exceptionally a straightforward and lightweight library that lone arrangements with the view layer.It isn't a brute like other MV* structures, for example, Angular or Ember. Any Javascript engineer can comprehend the nuts and bolts and begin building up a wonderful web application after just two or three days perusing instructional exercise.
As the React guide says 'Thinking in React' might be somewhat not quite the same as you used to since it carries another way to deal with the table,but it will turn out to be a lot simpler and regular as you addition involvement with it.
2)Reusable Components
React provides a component based structure.Components are your lego pieces.You start with tiny components like button,checkbox,dropdown etc.and then you create wrapper components composed of those smaller components.And the you write higher level wrapper components.And,it goes on like until you have this one root component and that component is your app.
Each component decides how it should be rendered.Each component has its own iternal logic.This approach has some amazing results.You can re-use components anywhere you need.As as result,(1) your app has consistent look and feel, 2) code re-use makes it easier to maintain and grow your codebase, and 3) it is easier to develop your app.
This component based structure helped us tremendously building our large web app,the brand new form builder on JotForm4.0. To give you a cool example,all structure fields are resued as segments in both inside the structure editorial manager (where you manufacture your structures) and on the genuine form(as we render frames as html utilizing server-side Javascript).
3.Fast render with Virtual DOM
When you are going to build up a web application that includes high client association and view updates,like the new structure developer on JotForm 4.0,you need to consider the conceivable execution issues.Although todays's javascript engines are fast enough to handle such complex applications,DOM manipulations are fast enough to handle such complex applications,DOM manipulations are still not that fast.<B>Updating DOM is usually the bottleneck when it comes to the web performance.React is trying to solve this problem by using something called virtual DOM a DOM kept in memory.

Any view changes are first reflected to virtual DOM,then an efficient diff algorithm compares the previous and current states of the virtual DOM and calculates the best way(minimum amount of updates needed)to apply these changes.Finally those updates are applied to the DOM to ensure minimum read/write time.This time the main reason behind React's high performance.
4)Clean Abstraction
One of the powerful sides of React is that it provides a good absraction which means that it does not expose any complex internals to the user. Compare this to Angular: Why on earth would it be advisable for you to need to become familiar with an inward procedure, for example, digest cycles? Those kind of details better be kept as internals to provide a clean abstraction.You only need to understand a component's life cycles,states and props to master React to accomplish everything you need. Respond does not direct any examples engineering like MVC/MVVM,after all its just about the view layer and you are allowed to plan your application's design in any capacity you see fit.Yet there is one great engineering that fits React truly all around called Flux.
Flux and Redux
Flux architecture is introduced and maintained by Facebook and they use it for their web applications.It complements React components by unidirectional data flow.The overall structure is as follows.
The primary thought is to make activities which are coordinated by a focal dispatcher to refresh stores.Then the views are updated with respect to the changes in that stores.All the data to be displayed by components are kept in stores and are not duplicated as models in MVC structure which saves you from trying to keep your model data in sync throught the application all the time.
Unfortunately,flux is not a ready to use library but there are such implementations.The most popular one is Redux which is a kind of reinterpretation of flux architecture.It provides a single make,for the sake of having a single source of truth.There is only one single object where you keep all the application data.This makes it easier to observe and manipulate. Any change on the store(data) will trigger a render for related segments and the view is constantly kept in a state of harmony with information.
Another great feature of Redux is that you can define a middleware to intercept dispatched actions.Generally it used for logging,exception handling and async API calls but you can also write a middleware easily to solve all kinds of other problems.
In the event that you utilize revival it accompanies an incredible dev tool.That will make things much simpler for you.
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