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The History Of Wedding Rings

In every wedding ceremony, you will see that exchanging rings is important. Everybody does that part perfectly well but nobody ever knows why they do it. We’re going to tell you about the history of these rings and why are they so popular today.

1. Where it all started

The earliest signs of wedding rings are seen in ancient Egypt.
Relics like papyrus scrolls over 6000 years old show the rings existed then. It was considered a symbol of eternal love for the couple back then.

2. How it came to us

In Ancient Rome, the groom would present his bride with an iron ring, which is the origin of today’s metal wedding bands. The durable material symbolized strength and permanence. It is believed that the Romans were the first to have their rings engraved.

3. Why do we wear it on a specific finger

The wedding rings are always worn on the finger between the middle and little finger. Since they are worn there, it is now commonly known as the ring finger. The engagement rings or wedding rings are worn on that finger because it contains a vein that goes directly to the heart symbolizing love.

Originally rings were made from hemp or reeds but now rings can be made of many metals like gold rings, silver rings or even tungsten bands. Almost every wedding ring today has one or more diamonds on it. These diamond rings can vary vastly in prices. There are also different types of rings now like halo rings, antique rings, eternity bands and much more.

4. Practice of engagement rings or wedding rings

That sliding of the ring indicated that someone was in love with somebody. However there were not affordable engagement rings in those days. But people had every reason to slide some unique rings on the lady-love’s left finger. From those days onwards the concept of some unique engagement or wedding ring ran in the society. Some did not use engagement rings but put wedding rings straight to the finger.


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