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9 Important Steps For Carpet Care And Cleaning

Carpets are major investment in a house or workplace as it adds beauty and class to a place so it is very important to take care of our these valuable asset. Laid down below are some important step that must to taken to protect your beautiful looking carpet.

1. Reduce soil building

Carpet decays and wear off are due to the dirt that collects on the carpet. Oily mud brought by the shoes on the carpet, attracts more mud and dirt. Frequent and thorough vacuuming should be done to boost the lifetime of the carpet and preserve its original look.

2. Fast removal of Stains:

Quick removal of stain will help to retain the originality of the carpet. If stains are allowed to dry and become hard, they will be difficult to remove.

3. Spotting

As all carpets are made differently, in different places, the consistency of fiber quality cannot be ascertained and must be checked before applying any chemical agents and water for scrubbing, spotting or extracting stains or dried dust from the carpet. Carpets may lose color quickly if their fiber is sensitive to acid based chemicals or alkalis.

4. Spotters

Use of spotters is absolutely necessary. To begin with, use less harsh spotters. If necessary use strong spotters but after use, neutralize high acid based or alkaline based spotters.

5. Scrapping of Spots

Use of a meat tenderizer is suggested for packing a spot. Digging or brushing a spot is not recommended. Spot should be scrapped in the middle and towel or cloth should be used for packing the spot.

6. Use of Detergents

Shampoos, spotters or detergents can be used to remove a spot. But over use of any of these will result in leaving off these detergents on the carpet, which might not even be removed through vacuuming.

7. Carpet Shrinkages

Carpet shrinkages may result if carpet is excess water is used. As these detergents used for spotting are chemically active, always use the prescribed level of water to wet your carpet, to avoid your carpet from sticking together or shrinkage or any other problem

8. Dirt and Detergent Residue

Dirt and detergent residue should be extracted. If left, carpet powders off. These must be removed periodically, as this process will take out the dirt that is lying deep in the carpet. The use of Rotary Scrubbing is suggested as it will clean the fibers of the carpet.

9. Coating of Carpet Protector

Do not coat the cleaned area of the carpet if you feel that the spot or oil stain has not been completely removed or if you see that the residue from the scrubbing and cleaning is still on the carpet. By coating of carpet protector on a dirty and spotty carpet, gluing will take place and will be difficult to remove.

Above are some important steps to keep in mind while cleaning carpets. to Lastly it is highly recommended to clean your carpets on regular basis and when it is time to clean your carpet you should always hire professional and expert in this field. f you are living in Craigieburn and you need expert assistance to clean and sanitize your carpets you should look no further than Carpet Cleaning Craigieburn for fresh and hygienic carpets.


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