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5 Things Needed to Increase Trust in Your eCommerce Store

Summary: While a huge percentage of shoppers are hesitant in buying something online when they could not notice any trustworthiness on the site, this article explains how to deck up your eCommerce store.

Without any trust establishment, your eCommerce store is not going to get more customers. Who would invest money if a site’s checkout looks suspicious? And, on average, a buyer takes just 3-4 seconds to find out whether a site is trusted or not. Thus, if you want to build an eCommerce store, emphasise most on building trustworthiness. Fear of privacy can make buyers move away from your site even it has loads of product baskets, great features and user-friendly interface. However, thankfully, there are a number of ways you could increase the confidant of shoppers coming to your store. Let’s get those attributes of trust implemented in your eCommerce store today.

HTTPs encryption
Going for HTTPs encryption means taking an extra step to secure a web page. It configures the web page with the SSL certificate which ensures that no data that are exchanged between the browser and server get lost after any hacking attempts. So, in every eCommerce store, HTTPs encryption is a prerequisite for checkout as well as user registration pages where users need to share maximum confidential data with the store.

Trust Seals
Displaying of trust badges or seals instils a feel of security in the buyers. They are most needed in the checkout pages and in the home page. Certification from the host server, web security agency’s name, logo of the payment gateway and recognition/accreditation from eCommerce community are treated as trust seals in eCommerce.

Active Social media presence
A huge number of customers want an active social media presence of the eCommerce site because they would then have the chance to state their complaints about products or customer services. When a store has an active brand presence in popular social media platforms, the response rate to customer grievances is too high because of the fear of losing reputation.

Easily access to every user
eCommerce stores that customers can access easily through any medium like email, telephone, chatbot, or a query section are most trusted. It makes them feel secure knowing that they can get in touch with the store’s director or executives directly if something goes wrong, like payment failure or wrong order delivery.

Honest display of prices
Full and honest disclosure of the prices of the products is an obligation if you want shoppers to trust your eCommerce store. There should be no discrepancy in the price shown in the product page (including discounts if any) and the price shown in the checkout page, except for the addition of an expected shipping charge.

The success of an eCommerce store depends on how transparent and secure it is. If you’re trying to be a part of the industry that is soon becoming a trillion dollar industry, make conscious efforts in making your store secure and trustworthy besides being attractive and user-friendly. And, these ways are definitely going to work.

Author bio: Johan Smith is one of Magento experts in Sydney who is working at GetAProgrammer, a visionary company for the development of eCommerce solutions in Australia that has been helping businesses sell online instantly with Magento -powered stores.


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