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Tips To Maintain Your Carpets As New As Like The Day You Bought It

Carpet cleaning is a great way to remove carpet stains, dirt and odors from your carpet. These can be caused by pets, smoking or just general everyday living. With a thorough clean experts, you can return your carpets to a much better condition.

To keep your carpet maintained and look as new as like the day you have brought it. Please follow these procedures, as these procedures are out line by carpet cleaning professionals and manufactures for your carpet maintenance.


Is your carpet’s utility light, medium or heavy?

If the carpet has light use, vacuuming can be done every fortnight. If the use is medium, alternate day vacuuming is suggested and if the carpet has heavy traffic, it is suggested to vacuum daily. As daily vacuuming will help in removal will help is extracting dirt, mud/soil and keep your carpet safe.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner to be used

Use of 80CFM cubic feet air per minute is suggested. This will help to suck the uncompromising gravel from your carpet.

An upright vacuum with dual-motor, heater and double row of brushes with high suction is suggested for best results.

Quick strokes are less effective. You must choose to make intentional passes on these spots 4 to 5 times over the same area.


Damages like spills, stains, spots occur during use of Carpet.

Scrape and vacuum dried soil. To scrape out dried soil use any blunt metal object.

For spill of water or drinks or pets urine, immediately extract the material and scrap any excess left.

For dried spots, you must first wet the place with normal water and use a pad of cotton or towel so that the towel suck water from the spot. Do not scrub as it may spread the stain. Lift the towel or cotton to remove the moisture as continuous pressing of the pad will result in water penetration deep in the carpet.

Same method should be followed if you are using cleaning chemical to remove stubborn spots and stains. But must rinse to remove any residue after cleaning is done with any cleaning products.

If it is not possible to eliminate stubborn stains and smells own your own than it is highly suggested to call a professional carpet cleaning toorak company to help you in such a demanding and tiring task.

Carpet cleaning is often required as part of your tenancy agreement. Our trained professionals have years of experience in the industry. There are a variety of carpet types - wool, wool blends, polypropylene, nylon etc. Our carpet cleaners know how to treat these fabrics to get the best results!

We'll provide you with professional cleaning advice and a carpet cleaning service by a registered carpet cleaner who meets the Australian standard for carpet cleaning . We highly recommend to schedule a professional carpet cleaning every year.

We offer a carpet protection and cleaning service that you can utilize as part of either an end of lease clean or regular clean. This is a great way to help your carpet last longer and look newer for longer.

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