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A Complete Guide to Prostate Massage

Prostate massage has become a hot trend amongst men. Men who have experienced prostate massage reported having the best orgasm to date. Now, in many countries, prostate massage is widely practised to enhance men’s sexual health and performance. Apart from increasing libido, this massage comes with certain health benefits. However, if you are planning to book one session in South Kensington, make sure you hire a trained and super-hot masseuse who gives you intense pleasure and deep arousal.

So, what is the prostate gland?

Prostate, which looks like a walnut, is situated between the penis and the bladder. This gland secretes a fluid that nourishes the sperm and protects it. When a man ejaculates, the fluid is squeezed into the urethra and is ejected with sperm. The core responsibility of the gland is to regulate the sexual function of the male. Popularly known as the male’s G-spot, prostate helps men in having a heightened sexual pleasure.

How prostate massage can be beneficial?

Prostate massage has immense benefits. It helps to clear the prostatic duct, which connects the prostate to the urinary and the reproductive system. On massaging this gland, it produces fluid, which helps in clearing the duct. Men with the following signs face relief on taking this massage.

Painful ejaculation- Prostate massage therapy can ease up pain and discomfort faced during ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction- By stimulating the prostate, one can cure erectile dysfunction.

Discomfort in urine flow- The gland surrounds the urethra. If the prostate swells up, it interferes with the flow of the urine. Prostate massage aids in alleviating inflammation and improves urine flow.

Prostatitis- This massage was a primary cure for prostatitis before medications were available.

How is the massage given?

Before engaging in anal stimulation, the masseuse makes sure that you are fully relaxed. Generally, she will use her finger to insert it to the rectum. With gentle in and out movement, she will find the prostate gland and apply light and deep pressure on it, letting you reach the climax. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not lubricate itself, hence, a thick water-based lube can be used for smoother anal fingering. When the lube is applied, it awakens the nerves of the anal area. Slowly, the area becomes ready for penetration. Sometimes, the hot and curvy masseuse uses a vibrator or her finger to seductively arouse you. The massage begins with shallow insertion which in turn relaxes the muscles. Start fingering using one finger. When she feels that you are comfortable and ready for deeper penetration, she uses deeper strokes using two fingers.

Preparation for the giver and the receiver

The anus is a delicate area, and it requires more care whilst fingering it. The therapist prepares herself by trimming her nails so that it becomes perfectly safe for her to play with the anal area. Sometimes, a masseuse also uses a condom or a finger cot for better insertion. For the receiver, it is important that he should empty his bowels and should trust the therapist entirely. He should keep his inhibition aside and enjoy different states of orgasm.

What to expect during the massage?

Prostate massage or anal stimulation takes men to a new world of erotic and sensual pleasure. With continuous rubbing of the penis and stroking the gland with fingertips, you are going to experience a different kind of joy, which you have never experienced in any of your sexual encounters. You may feel slight discomfort when the masseuse inserts her finger, but after a brief moment, you will start enjoying the session. You will reach a trance-like state, giving you unimaginable pleasure at the end.

Want to appoint a session of prostate massage in South Kensington? Do not hesitate further and call a reputable agency. Remember, it is best if you appoint a skilled therapist so that you can keep risk and injuries at bay.

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