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5G Vs Fiber

We all relied on copper for decades. Then during the past few decades, fiber completely took copper’s place. Users that have already switched to fiber, they highly recommend fiber. FTTH is widely known for its numerous benefits, and it has proved time and time again that fiber is here to stay. However, 5G’s introduction news has raised many questions in people’s mind. The most commonly asked question is ‘where 5G broadband will take fiber broadband’s place or not.
The biggest issue that limits us from drawing a straight conclusion about whether or not ‘5G will prove to be a better technology than fiber?’ Or ‘will 5G replace fiber?’ is that the technology is still in its testing stage and no one is yet in the position of clearly stating which technology is the future.
However, according to the information available, it is quite evident that 5G broadband lacks in many places, which will make it extremely challenging to take fiber’s place. Therefore, fiber broadband will give 5G broadband a tough time, following are some of the top reasons:
Multiple Access Points
If you are planning to switch from fiber to 5G because it is a wireless technology, then think again because 5G broadband will require multiple access points, which might increase the installation charges and might make you question why it is called wireless when you have to build multiple access points, especially for several story buildings. However, if you are not planning to replace fiber with 5G, and you only want to update from 4G to 5G broadband, then you will be highly impressed by its high-speed internet and low latency issues.
Cost is one of the most significant factors if you are planning to install new technology. Fiber optic network installation is quite pricey, but it is mainly a one-time investment because its running and maintenance cost with not cost you an arm and a leg. Whereas 5G is a more pricey option than fiber, especially, if you do not have a 5G enabled device. The prepaid subscription charges are also expected to be on the pricier side. So, if you are planning to switch to 5G, do your mathematics to be sure about your decision.
Uncertainty and 5G Enabled Devices
From the cost, security issues, technical flaws, connection issues to stability issues, there are a hundred million question marks until the technology is launched and tested on a wide scale. Even the availability of 5G enabled devices is a question mark because consumers aren’t sure when telecommunication companies to start offering 5G enabled devices for both high-end and budget device buyers.
Final Verdict
All-in-all fiber is a much better option than 5G broadband. However, we should embrace technology advancements and give them an equal chance to prove that they are in any way better than the previous technologies. But with 5G, there is a long way to go before the technology is introduced and adopted by the masses. Because only then can conclude the real pros and cons of 5G vs. fiber.


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