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6 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Blowing Warm Air?

If you are a resident of Singapore and your aircon service company starts blowing warm air, then calling a professional for its repairing will be the best thing that you can do. But if you are wondering about the reasons that can create this problem than here are 6 reasons that can explain why your aircon is blowing warm air and in some cases you may get a solution as well by yourself.

air conditioner service Wrong setting of thermostat: This is the most common problem of getting warm air from your ac service singapore. If you will set your thermostat to heat mode, then it will blow only warm air and instead of cooling your room it will just create more heat in your room. So, if you find your aircon is blowing warm air with no reason, then it is a good idea to check this setting before making a call to any repairing firm for this. If you find thermostat setting is correct and still you are getting warm air from your aircon, then there is nothing wrong in calling a professional for this.
Improper aircon maintenance: Improper maintenance or delay in its maintenance can be a big reason that can create this problem for you. That’s why is very important that you get proper maintenance of your aircon unit else it may start giving you warm air without any warning. Also, when your aircon service provider does he maintenance work, then make sure you check that all the things working fine or not and you give an approval to the work only when you find its giving you cool air and all other functions are working effectively aircon repair.

Blocking of air flow because of dirty air filter: Many times you may get warm air from your aircon general service just because of a dirty air filter. So, if you use your aircon regularly, then it is suggested that you should replace the air filter in every 2 to 3 months to avoid any kind of trouble or warm air from it. Also, this replacing of filter will make sure that you do not get blocks of ice on coils of your air-conditioner.

Refrigerant leaking: if you get any kind of leaking of refrigerant from your aircon unit, then it will definitely blow warm air for you and instead of increase aircon cooling your room it will just heat it. This leakage may happen because of any reason, but if you find any kind of refrigerant leakage in your aircon, then instead of using it anymore, it is a good idea to turn off your aircon immediately and call a professional for help. Also, it is a good idea to stay away from its refrigerant because its chemicals may not be good for you and the environment as well.

Improper working of aircon repair company: Condensing unit compress the refrigerants and then this compressed refrigerant goes into the coils keeps the system cool. But if this system gets any damage or problem in it, then your aircon may start blowing warm air in your room. Talking about the reasons of this problem, it can be a simple circuit breaker tripping or any major problem. So, if you do not understand the problem, then calling a professional for its repairing is the best thing that you can do.

aircon service In addition to all these problems sometime you may get warm air from your aircon due to clogged drain pipe as well. So, it is also a good idea to check your aircon drain pipe as well and if you find there is any blockage in the drain pipe, then remove that blocking before making a call to professional or trying anything else for it trusted aircon service.
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