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Why Do Women Need To Buy Term Insurance Without Fail?

Today’s woman is an independent, strong individual who is free to follow her own path in life. Whatever she chooses to do, it is essential for her to buy a term insurance plan. These policies ensure that she doesn’t leave behind any liabilities whether she dons the hat of a working woman, a homemaker, a single mother or all of these. If you identify with any of these roles, here’s why you should definitely buy a term insurance plan.

The Working Woman
With the mounting expenses and living costs of today, most couples require two salaries to successfully manage their expenses. Many people even have joint-loans, leases and mortgages which they share with their partner and both contribute to pay off the liabilities. Hence, it is highly unlikely that your husband is the sole bread winner of the family, making him the only one who needs a term life policy. Whatever little or big contribution your income makes to the household expenses, it cannot be ignored. Thus, it is highly advisable that you too get term life insurance to secure the future for your partner and family, even after you’re not around. If anything were to happen to you, a good term life policy will replace your income and make sure that all the expenses of the household don’t fall on your partner’s shoulders.

The Homemaker
A role that is often overlooked, housewives not only manage the finances of the household, they often find ways to save money from home expenses that can be used for other financial obligations. If you identify yourself as a homemaker, although your husband is the sole earning member, you taking on household chores helps reduce the money spent on your home and lifestyle. Hence, it goes without saying that it is important you buy a term insurance policy to help your partner overcome the increased financial burden. It will ensure your family is cared for, just the way you would look after them if you were around.

The Multitasker
They are running around 24x8, making things run smoothly, with no time to rest. Not only do they earn to meet their family’s financial needs, but they are also managing their household along with handling the financial planning. If you are a multitasker, kudos to you! Having a term life plan coverage is not just important, it is imperative for you. The low premiums will ensure that you don’t have to divert a large chunk of money to towards your policy. The sum assured offered by term plans are quite high and they would sufficiently take care of any liabilities and loans other than taking care of the financial independence of your loved ones.

So, no matter which category of women you fall under, or if you fall under none at all, buying a term plan is not an option. It’s an absolute need and you must get insured to ensure a financially secure future for your loved ones.


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