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Tips on How to Treat Your Masseuse During an Erotic Massage

The excitement of getting an erotic massage in Bayswater is understandable, but it is often seen that people take it too casually and end up with a bad experience. Most common issues include turning up late, conversing on the phone during the massage, asking excessive personal questions to the therapist and others. All these indicate a bad client. You do not want to establish such an image when you want to avail the best quality services. Masseuses are professionals and are just as human as you. They need to be treated well in order to experience an amazing and concentrated erotic massage. Here are a few simple tips that will help you experience a desirable erotic massage.

Do Not Be Late for Your Appointment

Whatever appointment it might be, you should always arrive on time. Booking an erotic massage session is personal for you but it is a business for them. Arriving on time is a way of showing respect. Show her that you are a good client by turning up a few minutes ahead of time. If anything is getting you late, you should call and tell her your situation. Respect and a satisfactory massage experience are closely related.

Hold Your Nerves

If it is your first time getting an erotic massage in Bayswater, you are expected to feel nervous. In order for things to go smoothly, you should keep your nerves steady. If you fail to, you should immediately remember a small trick - make a small remark about your surroundings. Maybe a tiny comment about the couch or window, it could be anything. It helps in removing your fear and allows the masseuse to start a conversation with you.
You can tell her that you like how the ambience has been established or that the music is helping you feel relaxed. If you think you can pull a genuine compliment about her without sounding awkward, go ahead.

Let Her Lead You

The service might be for you but you are not the one in charge. Keep in mind that your massage therapist is the one in charge of everything. You should go by what she asks you to. Do not treat her unprofessionally.

Engage in a Healthy Conversation

It is common to get lost in the relaxation and fall asleep but it is much better if you can guide her a little. It means you can tell her about any areas of injury or sore spots and will treat it carefully. You can also let her know if you need a pillow, or you do not want lotions or oils on you. This will allow her to adjust to your preferences.

Since everything is in real-time, your feedback is better during the massage. Inform her if you do not like the way she is touching you, if she is not focussing on the muscles that need focus, or if you want her to go rougher or lighter. She will put all her efforts into giving you the best possible experience; you should play yours too.

Respect Her Limits

You need to be respectful towards your masseuse and it means staying within the set limits. In the case of erotic massages, boundaries may differ and you should avoid assuming too much. Ask her if you can touch her and do not attempt to kiss her without a warning. Only because she is touching your body does not open all the gates for you.

These are just a few of the tips that you should keep in mind for an enriched erotic massage experience. Be sure to tip her, it shows your appreciation for her services and she might decide to be available for you when you want to see her again.

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