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Steps To Find The Best Golf Shoes

Whether you’re searching for men's or women's golf shoes, you’re going to be faced with numerous options. While this allows you to find the perfect pair, it can also make shopping for golf shoes a little overwhelming. Fortunately, we have some steps to walk you through finding the best shoes for you.

Step One: Spikeless or Spiked?

Your first choice is whether you want to choose a spikeless or cleated, spiked design. This choice will depend on your personal taste and the terrain conditions where you’ll be playing. You need to consider that many clubs and courses are phasing out metal spikes as they damage the greens, but spikes do offer more grip and traction, so opt for plastic.

Spikeless golf shoes feature rubber lugs on the sole to provide a lower profile and additional traction. These are often lightweight and more comfortable for walking, but they may not be appropriate for wet conditions where the terrain is slick.

Step Two: The Style

While aesthetics may seem inconsequential, most athletes agree that you perform better when you feel confident. So, you need to choose golf shoes that match your personal style. Generally, you can choose traditional golf shoes that look like dress shoes. These are usually made with genuine leather for natural waterproof and durability characteristics. These do take some effort to maintain, but they can look great on and off the course. Modern golf shoes look more like casual running shoes or streetwear. These tend to be lightweight with more flexibility compared to a traditional golf shoe. There is also the option of golf sandals that are good for casual games and warmer weather conditions. However, while they are breathable, they lack the performance of actual golf shoes, so they are not useful in rough terrain or bad weather.

Step Three: The Fit

The right fit is vital for playing at your best. You need no pressure points when you walk, or you’re likely to suffer foot pain before you get around the course. You should not be able to slide your feet around and have a snug fit on the midfoot and heel. Ideally, you should have up to a centimetre of room at the front for comfort and between the top eyelets when the shoes are laced. Remember that an average round of 18 holes can take up to five hours to finish, so you need to ensure that your feet are comfortable.

You should always wear socks when you’re trying on golf shoes to ensure a good fit and try different sizes to check for the best fit. Walk around for a little while to ensure you feel comfortable and practice a swing to see how you can move. Bear in mind that shoes can feel stiff when new and will need a little time to break in, so you may need to add insoles for additional support.

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