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10 Strategies To Grow Your Business

Starting out in business is never easy and we’re sure you have heard of the statistic that 30% of businesses fail in their first year. An effective way of making sure this isn’t you, is through enlisting the help of growth accountants who can help you put growth solutions in place. Here we outline 10 strategies to grow your Business.

1. Invest in a Good Growth Accountant
Start-ups Accountants are the unsung heroes of the small business world. It can be tempting to skimp on accountancy fees and attempt to manage your own finances. However, to ensure your business is able to grow we recommend investing in a skilled growth accountant.

2. Budget and Forecast
With a growth accountant on board, you’ll be assisted to set up budget and forecast reporting. With this in place, you can see how the seasons, market conditions and other factors are affecting your growth, so you can implement informed growth solutions.

3. Benchmark
Accountants for start-ups can help with financial benchmarking, helping you to compare how your business is doing in comparison to business competitors. This will help you to identify growth solutions.

4. Improve your Market Position
Good growth accountants can identify potential new markets for your business and help you gain a greater share of the market you’re in. With their expertise, they can offer growth solutions, such as price adjustments or marketing options.

5. Managing your Cash Flow
Whether taking care of your tax, helping with expenses, or offering advice on funding options accountants for growth and start-up accountants can really help with managing cash flow. By making sure your cash flow is in a good position your business will have the funds to grow.

6. Franchise your business
This is one of the most effective growth solutions and one that good growth accountants can help you with. For rapid growth of your business, consider a franchise model.

7. Set up a Partnership
Growth accountants can help you to identify and set-up potential strategic partnerships that will help your business to grow. This could be through setting up an agreements to refer clients to each other with a business that compliments yours.

8. Identify new ideas
Accountants for start-ups are likely to have a breadth of experience in helping small businesses prosper, so make sure you take advantage of your accountant’s experience and get some new ideas for improving your business.

9. Network
A key bit of advice many accountants for start-ups give is to invest time building your networks. One of the cheapest and effective marketing strategies is word of mouth, by making connections with the right people you can grow your business fast.

10. Create an Advisory Board
Business advisory boards can be critical to business success. Good growth accountants are likely well connected with top professionals with diverse expertise that could be brought in as cost-effective advisors to help grow your business.


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