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How To Drive E-Commerce With Billboards

Most small companies immediately turn to digital marketing to promote their brand. Of course, any 21st-century start-up worth its salt has an online presence, but by focusing on an individual marketing medium, could you be limiting the way you engage with your target audience? When it comes to reaching customers and converting advertisements into sales, out-of-home advertising sites like billboards, posters offers unique strengths and opportunities that can enhance your online presence.

Why go for digital?
To be honest, it is not a question. But, nowadays, Businesses need an online presence. According to a 2016 review, 51% of buyers made their purchases on the web. And even if you are not an e-commerce market, 85% of consumers said they had used the Internet to find a local store according to statistics from Search Engine Land.

The fabulous thing about digital marketing is its openness. You do not need a large budget to get online. Now, it is easy to target particular consumers and measure your success.

However, just because you are online, it does not mean your viewers will be ready to find you. There is a lot of digital noise on the web these days.

Why take your e-commerce marketing out-of-home?
Out-of-home marketing refers to those advertisements you see on billboards at the side of the road, posters at bus stops and Railway stations. And whilst it is a more traditional form of advertising, it offers some unique opportunities to get your brand noticed.

Outdoor advertising, and billboards, in particular, are a coverage medium that can have high impact. The core strength of advertising outdoor is its ability to reach a huge audience and make brands famous.

With the development of more online booking systems, advertising outdoor is also becoming increasingly flexible. You do not need a huge budget for a nationwide campaign. It is great news for local businesses looking to build brand recognition in a particular area.

Integrating outdoor and digital advertising maximizes the benefits of each channel
Outdoor and digital marketing complement each other perfectly. A campaign that employs both channels simultaneously maximizes the advantages of short-term big brand impact alongside a long-term online presence.

Digital can help you track the success of an OOH campaign
As well as, digital can help you track the success of an outdoor campaign. By developing a strategy to track an advertisement digitally, you can capture data about the billboards and posters that have been successful.

For example, your outdoor advertisement could include a promotional code that offers an exclusive discount to consumers who respond to the advertisement. When that code is used at point-of-purchase online, it will indicate how many sales were made as a result of engagement.

Outdoor advertising and new digital
As technology advances and the OOH industry wakes-up to the digital world, the possibilities offered by linking digital widening. As digital and OOH move closer together, the creative opportunities to connect and engage with consumers are becoming more and more exciting.

Out-of-home advertising and e-commerce with Global Advertisers
If you are planning a marketing strategy for your e-commerce business, it is worth considering the benefits of integrating your digital marketing with an OOH campaign.

Use Global Advertisers media agency to build your brand-recognition, target mass audiences and reach customers away from the clutter of online advertising. Use digital to expand your message further, deepen engagement, and to track the success of a campaign.

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