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5 Points to Consider while Buying Meditation Beads!

The meditation beads, otherwise known as malas are a set of beads traditionally used for the purpose of meditation and prayer. They are similar to the rosary used by the Catholic people but originated from Buddhism. Whenever the meditation devotees are meditating, they use these prayer beads to track their prayer or mantra. Usually, they are made up of 108 beads with a “guru” which is used to mark the start and the end of a recitation. And generally, this meditation has a calming effect and other health benefits but you cannot just visit any prayer bead store to get any prayer beads for this purpose.

In this article, I will sharing with you five factors or points to consider while choosing these beautiful malas for your meditation needs.

1. The use and purpose of the prayer beads:
Your intention of getting the prayer beads should be your first factor to consider in choosing the malas that is right for you. Do you actually want to use it for meditation alone? Do you want to use it for prayers? Or you want to use for decorative or health purposes. You may need to do a little finding to know the best malas that can meet your needs. For example, if the reason of getting the prayer beads is for calming and meditative purposes, you can go for those ones made with sandalwood, those made of rosewood is believed to have protective ability and so on.

2. The orthodox or non-orthodox:
Traditionally, the Buddhist meditation beads contain nothing less than 108 beads or beads in the multiples of three as these are considered to be sacred. So if you want to be more traditional in your practice, you need to for such prayer beads.

3. Listening to your intuition:
To some people, this is the most important point for them. We all have an inner voice that talks and most of the times, you can hear this voice louder. Since the majority of people get it for spiritual purposes, your inner spirit has a way guiding you in picking what is right. You can just pause and see the type of malas it is hard for you to get out of your head. That might just be the starting point.

4.The materials used in its production:
There are different materials used in making these meditation beads which include precious stones, gold, silver, wood, metal or seeds and this factor plays one the biggest role in choosing the right prayer beads. And in comparing materials like wood or gold, the prizes will definitely be different and you can’t compare their durability either.

5.The colors used:
Just like the materials, there are different colors used while producing prayer beads and all these have special meanings. For example, the red mala beads like Red Jasper helps in focus and mental clarity as well as promotes healing from illness, Garnet balances sex drive as well as sharpens perceptions while Red Tiger Eye increases sex drive. You can check out for other colors so as to know what to expect from them.

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