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3 Reasons Customer Experience Matters for Success

Why do we avoid buying something from pushy salespeople even when there’s a need for the product?

The reason is that we buy from those we trust. And trust is established by delivering exceptional customer experience. Here are three reasons why customer experience matters:

1. We’re all searching for a genuine human connection:

Living in the digital world, we’re now more disconnected than ever. Dozens of studies have proven that humans are happier when we feel heard and are emotionally supported by another human being. At the core of every customer experience strategy is human connection and authentic experiences. That is why companies spend millions on market research services to measure customer experience (CX) effectiveness.

2. It’s the quality of the experience that matters:

A good customer experience strategy does not focus on creating a series of average experiences; instead, the focus is on creating a full, complete customer experience. As customers, we’re all looking for fantastic experiences and are willing to pay more for them. Businesses that have understood this are the ones that are popular on social media, have strong brand recognition, and are often referred to friends and family.

This is the goal for all businesses. To build a strong brand reputation and continue to be trusted which brings in more business and customers. Retail mystery shopping services can help businesses identify if their brand is likely to be shared or referred.

3. Good customer experience drives loyalty:

A study by Gartner Inc. found that while 48% of customer experience leaders found that their CX efforts exceeded management expectations, only 22% of their efforts exceeded the customer’s expectations. While market research services can help bridge this gap, it is important to understand why CX drives positive business outcomes. A good customer experience impacts the customer’s willingness to be loyal and emotionally attached to your brand and spend accordingly. In other words, happy customers stay loyal!

Market research companies can track customer satisfaction by conducting periodic mystery shopping studies and looking for industry approved metrics that provide worthwhile insight into the company’s CX performance.

Customer experiences matter and we want to help make sure your business is offering the best customer experience possible to help your business succeed and attract new customers!

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