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Tiles Varieties - Find Out the Different Kinds of Tiles

Tiles are available in many shapes and sizes. The will be used for the floor, for walls, within the kitchen for things like benches and splash backs, even for roofs. They are available in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. No matter what the need there'll be a tile for the job. But how does one recognize that tile is the right time for the job? Learn more about the various forms of Vitrified Tiles in Bangalore


Let's begin with the most common tile that everybody will be familiar with. Ceramic tiles are sometimes seen and used in bathrooms and showers. They’re very hard, waterproof and simple to wash. Within the ceramic tile range, there are tiles that are created for walls and there are tiles that are created for floors. Wall tiles have a shiny finish, thinner and lighter than floor tiles. This helps for an easy installation.

Floor tiles are thicker and heavier compared to wall tiles. As a result of people will be walking on them and furniture is often stored on them, they have to be very strong. Floor tiles can also have a gloss finish and this is for living areas. But if you're using a ceramic tile during a wet area just like the bathroom, it's suggested that you just do not use a gloss finish. A gloss finish means that the tiles are going to be slippery and dangerous once they get wet.


Stone tiles are very similar to ceramic tiles except they're made of natural stone instead of 'manufactured'. Stone tiles are sometimes very heavy, very strong and also ready to withstand plenty of punishment and traffic. They will be made of
marble, slate, sandstone, travertine and numerous other natural stones.

Unlike ceramic tiles, stone tiles absorb water. This implies they'll not be as slippery once wet, but also means that they have to be sealed to prevent stains. If you spill some red wine on a stone tile that has not been sealed -- it'll be there forever.


Cork tiles are usually 300mm x 300mm and because the name suggests, are made of cork. Cork tiles are common for use on floors in general living areas. They’re much warmer than ceramic tiles and also a lot of quieter.

Another advantage to cork tiles is that they're softer than ceramic tiles. This means they're more comfortable to walk on, but also if you drop a glass or something similar it's less likely to break if you have got a cork floor. Cork tiles need to be sealed to shield them. Depending on the variability they'll come already sealed or they'll need to be sealed once installation.


Similar to cork tiles, it's possible to induce carpet tiles that come in about 300mm x 300mm squares. The end results also similar in that a complete floor can appear as if one piece of carpet and not tiles.

One advantage of carpet tiles over normal carpet is that you just will replace individual tiles if they get damaged or stained. This is a great thanks to keeping your floor looking spanking new for years to come. Carpet tiles are easier to handle than trying to get during a bit roll of carpet.


Vinyl flooring was traditionally only available during a sheet, but it's now possible to get vinyl tiles. This is almost like cork or carpet tiles. Vinyl tiles are very cheap and soft underfoot. You’ll get various styles to match whatever look you're after. You’ll even get vinyl that has a timber look to it.

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