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Tips To Clean Your Venetian Blinds

Most people prefer installing Venetian blinds which makes a great window covering to have in their office or home environment in terms of functionality and look. But, many people who have used them earlier put off choosing them due to the previous experiences with cleaning the Venetian blinds. The cleaning process of the Venetian blinds seems to be very difficult since it has a large number of slats which have to be cleaned individually. If you are the one who has bought the Venetian blinds online and looking for a few tips to clean your Venetian blinds and maintain it in good condition, continue reading this article.

Basic Step to Clean Your Venetian Blinds

- To prevent the buildup of dirt and dust, you need to dust the blinds regularly.
- You can use your old sock as a soft cloth to clean the Venetian blinds.
- Using a biological detergent, you can wash the synthetic blinds in the bathtub.

Frequent Cleaning Process

Even though the cleaning process seems to be a difficult process, regular cleaning can help prevent dirt from building up and reduce the need for a lengthy deep cleaning process. If you have bought the blinds online and looking for cleaning tips, you can follow the below mentioned steps to make your cleaning process easier on yourself.

- Make sure that all the soft furnishings are out of the way and tie back the curtains
- Dust with a light feather duster or tea towel or an old t-shirt that works well
- To remove visible debris, you need to wipe each slat with a dry cloth
- It is recommended to apply a bespoke blind cleaning solution for cleaning your Venetian blinds. You need to look for one with an anti-static agent which helps to prevent the gathering of dust in the future

Timesaving Tip

Instead of cleaning each slat by hand, you can use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment to avoid the scratching on the blinds, and it can save your time as it sucks up the dust in half the time.

Deep Cleaning Process

Since the wooden Venetians blinds cannot be washed, no further cleaning is necessary for them. For the metal and plastic Venetians, after dusting the blinds, you can remove them from the window and then proceed the following steps.

- Place the blinds in the bathtub and wash them using a sponge or soft brush with cold water (avoid using hot water) and detergent.
- Rinse them thoroughly
- Dry it completely
- Give them a light spray of anti-static furniture polish to slow down the accumulation of dust in the future.
- Re-hang your blinds

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