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The Benefits Of Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway is a well regarded and recognised brand in the golfing world. With iconic clubs like the Callaway Rogue, it is easy to spot a Callaway club on your local golf course. So, are Callaway clubs worth the premium? Here we’ll explore the benefits offered.

Greater Ball Speed

Callaway golf clubs use 360 Face Cup technology that offers a lot more ball speed. This technology has contributed to Callaway becoming the number one Iron Brand, providing golfers with greater speed. In Callaway Rogue clubs, this technology has been combined with VFT (Variable Face Thickness) to increase the portion of the face delivering fast ball speed.

The principle behind this is actually quite simple, but it can have a massive impact on your game. The Face Cup creates a flexible, shallow rim around the outer edge of the face. This rim flexes and releases at the point of impact, increasing ball speed. The flexing of the face is also influenced by VFT to promote greater ball speed on any off centre hits. These two technologies combine to promote ball distance and speed.

Excellent Flight and Control

Callaway golf clubs have a premium construction with multiple materials to provide some cool benefits. Internal weighting is tungsten infused to allow extraordinary precision. The standing wave weighting allows Callagham to position the centre of gravity in long irons for excellent launch and control.

The Tungsten used in Callaway clubs is twice as heavy compared to steel, and the design allows this significant weight to be concentrated in a small space. The intricately shaped part is the key to controlling the centre of gravity location precisely.

Exceptional Feel

One of the greatest benefits of a thin club face is that it is possible to achieve more distance and faster ball speed. Unfortunately, this does have a down side of excessive vibration generating a poor sound and feel.

Some manufacturers aim to combat this with urethane to dampen vibrations, but it can reduce face flex, which lowers ball speed and COR. Callaway uses elastic urethane microspheres to improve the sound and feel without compromising ball speed or COR. This tremendous combination is a massive achievement as you can enjoy great ball speed and exceptional feel.

Different Offerings

Another benefit of Callaway golf clubs is that there are different offerings to suit your preferences and style. The Callaway Rogue range includes the Rogue, Rogue X, and Rogue Pro. All these models include the 360 Face Cup, VFT, urethane microspheres, and multi material construction, but provide different characteristics for different players.

The Rogue offers easy to hit, accurate versatility that is well suited for the average player looking for a balanced performance.

Rogue Pro clubs have a compact head, thin sole, thin topline, minimal offset and shallow cavity that caters to better players. This club can increase impact feedback, trajectory control, and workability.

Rogue X Irons are designed to provide a radical distance package. They are not only longer in length and lighter in weight but offer stronger lofts. The wide sole creates a lower CG for higher launch and longer carry.

If you would like to find out more about Callaway golf clubs, you should speak to us. We have a wide selection of Callaway club models including the Callaway Rogue, and our team would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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